The Boomerang bed features an integrated table + storage area making it ideal for small homes

The Boomerang bed features an integrated table + storage area making it ideal for small homes

Our bedroom is our haven, our safe space, to which we rush after a bad day at work or simply a bad day in general. My bedroom is my private kingdom, and my bed its bejeweled crown. We all know the importance and need for a great bed. And, we have for sure come across some amazing beds – for example, the HiBed with its 70-inch retractable screen and health monitoring system. Another bed that we came across recently was the Boomerang Bed. Although it isn’t quite as techy and smart as the HiBed… its immense functionality and USP lay in its very simplicity.

Designer: João Teixeira

Designed by Teixeira Design Studio, the Boomerang Bed is another innovative creation by him. From a bedside table designed with a detachable laptop tray to a slim shelf that looks like an open book encouraging you to read – Teixeira’s designs are simple, functional, and yet unlike any other furniture pieces you’ve seen around the block. The Boomerang bed attempts to be more than just a bed. Teixeira transformed a simple bed into a little living area of its own with the help of an integrated table.

The integrated table can be considered the star of this furniture piece. Just like its name, this handy table “comes and goes”. By simply shifting the table or changing its placement, the adjustable table can adopt various roles and perform multiple functions. You can slide the table from one end of the bed to the other. If you position it at the edge of the table, it can function as a regular desk for you to place your laptop on and work from home! Or you can pull it closer to you, transform it into a bed tray, and have your breakfast on it every morning. It can even function as a TV stand for your weekend-long Netflix marathons. I love how a simple desk can be repurposed for so many uses, allowing you to do almost everything in your bed – from eating to working (not that you should, it is important to get out of bed).

The headboard is upholstered, so it’s pretty cozy to rest against while eating your meals or working on your laptop. Teixeira integrated curved lines into the bed, giving the surface a rather elegant and sophisticated texture, and even giving the impression of a floating bed at certain angles!

Teixeira says, “The prospect for hidden storage was discarded to avoid a saturated and heavy design.” Instead, he opted for an open storage area at the bottom of the bed which functions as a nifty shoe rack or even as a resting spot for your pet.

The Boomerang bed is a simple yet ingenious design that could work well for smaller and compact homes. It’s a furniture design that caters to multiple needs while occupying minimal space.

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