Portable Travel Toothbrush also comes with a built-in UV sterilizer that kills all germs

Portable Travel Toothbrush also comes with a built-in UV sterilizer that kills all germs

Part toothbrush, part UV cleaning kit, the Plover is easily the most advanced travel brush you can carry with you.

Named after the tiny, fearless bird that famously cleans the teeth of crocodiles by plucking the food waste directly out of its mouth, the Plover is a tiny toothbrush that does pretty much the same for humans. Built for travel but also built for health, the toothbrush comes with a two-part design featuring a stick with bristles on one end, and a hollow container that the stick fits right into, transforming from an outer case to a handle for the toothbrush. Although this format is rather popular for foldable brush styles, the Plover has another trick up its sleeve. The hollow cavity of the handle also has built-in UV lights that sterilize the brush after you’re done and before you brush again, killing all the germs on the bristles and keeping your oral hygiene at its high standard.


The Plover Toothbrush comes with the brush itself, and a case/handle. When closed, the brush’s reverse end sports a carabiner clip that makes the Plover rather easy to carry around with you, while its compact size makes it ideal to chuck into a backpack, suitcase, or your toiletry bag. The handle/cover comes with its own textured design that makes the Plover look attractive and feel grippy, and a USB-C port on the underside of the handle/cover lets you charge the Plover’s UV chamber.

When opened, the Plover is the size of your average toothbrush, with a broad handle that’s easy to grip, and bristles that do their job of scrubbing food and plaque off your teeth. The bristles sit on a removable plastic head that you can pop off and discard after a couple of months, giving you a toothbrush that lets you replace its heads and prolong its overall lifespan.

The Carabiner clip makes Plover rather easy to carry around

Plover’s most impressive design feature, however, is the integration of the UV sterilization chamber into the toothbrush design. While we’ve seen our fair share of toothbrush sterilizers/sanitizers, Plover serves up a portable, hassle-free solution that just makes maintaining oral hygiene a step easier. The Plover doesn’t come with any button that toggles the UV light on or off… rather, the lights automatically power on when a USB-C cable is plugged in. It’s a much more elegant solution, in my opinion!

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