This inflatable beach chair takes on a more realistic form factor for comfortability

This inflatable beach chair takes on a more realistic form factor for comfortability

Modeled after the popular Adirondack Chair (your quintessential wooden porch chair), the BOTE AeroRondak is a unique inflatable number designed to be taken to the beach. Quite unlike any inflatable chair you’ll ever see, the AeroRondak Chair has a rather unique form factor that deviates from the bulbous nature of inflatable furniture. It also sports a proper backrest and even wide armrests that can hold drinks thanks to a magnetic fixture for attaching drink-holders. The chair is inherently waterproof, making it perfect for the beach, the poolside, or even outdoors in the rain, and deflates down once you’re done, folding down to the size of a duffle bag that you can then carry with you.

Designer: BOTE

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Gone are the days of rusty hinges, moldy bean bags, and rotted netting.

Unlike most inflatable chairs that just end up considering rounded volumes to create the chair’s overall form, AeroRondak goes the more traditional-furniture route, with a design comprising flat panels sort of like planks of wood, but created through an inflated process. The chair isn’t made from regular plastic or rubber either – it uses a military-grade PVC skin that is virtually indestructible. The inner core of the chair has tens of thousands of composite fibers that connect the inflated halves, preventing them from turning bulbous and balloonish. This allows the inflated panels to stay flat and have a significant amount of rigidity.

The folks at BOTE explain the AeroRondak’s setup process in just 3 sentences – “First, unsnap the buckle, unroll, attach the pump hose to the inflation valve and fill ‘er up. The Aero Chair is to be filled until the pressure reaches 7-10 PSI. When you are ready to pack it up, do everything in reverse.”

The AeroRondak is perfect for practically any outdoor (or even indoor) situation. Sort of like collapsible furniture, the AeroRondak can be carried and set up when needed and stashed away when you’re done, making it perfect for lawns, beaches, poolsides, terraces, or even on the deck of your boat. This unique piece of furniture doesn’t come cheap though. The price of having the most eye-catchingly comfortable beach chair is currently north of 500 of your American dollars.

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