This Airbnb Shipping Container Home in Texas has its own Rooftop Deck with a hot tub and hammock

This Airbnb Shipping Container Home in Texas has its own Rooftop Deck with a hot tub and hammock

Located on a massive 27-acre patch of private land known as the Desert Rose Ranch, this shipping container Airbnb home finds itself right between Fredericksburg and Austin on the Texas Wine Trail. It comes with its own bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and perhaps my favorite part – a rooftop deck complete with patio furniture, a hot tub, and even a hammock! Designed and built by Bob’s Containers, it’s difficult to imagine that this idyllic holiday home was once a 40-foot x 8-foot shipping container.

Designer: Bob’s Containers

The container home follows Bob’s Containers’ “Porter Model”, which uses a standard 40-ft container and starts at $149,250. The transformation for this particular Airbnb saw the addition of a wide garage-style door on the front which lets in a sufficient amount of natural light as well as a fully decked home on the inside with all the bells and whistles. However, the home’s pièce de résistance is its terrace, accessible using a spiral staircase on the side. Make your way to the top and there’s patio furniture, a barbecue grill, a cowboy hot tub, and a hammock hanging off the side for the perfect unwinding experience. The cabin sits on a pretty large empty plot of land, giving you nothing but raw nature on all sides. There’s even a fireplace on the front yard that you can use on cold nights or just days that you’re craving s’mores for dinner.

The 40×8-foot terrace patio is probably the biggest highlight of the home’s experience. It gives you a place to watch sunrises and sunsets, or even unwind in that hot tub on winter evenings. A hammock cantilevers off the side, with space for 2 (although it’ll be a bit of a tight fit).

The patio comes equipped with Adirondak Chairs

Although it’s natural to wonder whether an 8-foot wide home is truly sufficient, this little ‘container in the woods’ is perfect for two people and maybe a child or pet too. On one end of the container is a bedroom that snugly fits a double bed with a large window on one side that gives you a view of the sprawling private property. Walk down the wood-floor hallway to the other side and there’s a mini kitchen for cooking, cleaning, and food prep (alternatively, a grill-top on the terrace lets you whip out burgers and steaks in a jiffy). There’s a bathroom beyond the kitchenette, and despite its size, it even manages to fit in a walk-in shower, just in case using the bathtub on the roof isn’t an option.

The Airbnb home is available for booking, and if you’re interested in building out your own shipping container home, you can head to the Bob’s Containers website to get a quote.

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