Smart controller concept helps manage OTT services

Smart controller concept helps manage OTT services

Fact: I have a lot of over-the-top subscriptions. Also fact: I spend a lot (and I do mean a lot) of time trying to figure out what to watch or listen to as I am spoiled by all the choices available. So if there’s a service or a device that can help me decide easily what movie to watch or what TV show to binge next or what playlist to listen to, I would gladly welcome it with open arms. I need to get some of my time back from deciding and spend it on actually consuming media that I subscribe to.

Designer: Soyoon Lee

DOTT is a product concept for a device that can help solve some of the problems that people with too many OTT services have. Some issues that users have include managing all these services, all the various devices or remote controls you may need for some of them, and of course the difficulty in choosing content because of too many choices. What the designer came up with is a smart controller for these OTT services called Device for OTT (hence, DOTT).

The device is made up of a hub and a remote. The former has a small screen where you can see what service or content is on your connected large screen. It also has a built-in speaker which will supposedly bring you an “optimized sound experience” although of course you probably have a better speaker in mind for watching and listening. The remote meanwhile is the main DOTT device that uses Bluetooth to connect to any device. The remote is located on top of the hub and uses a sliding motion to park or to actually use and connect to your main device.

When you take out the remote, you’ll see what devices are available for pairing. Tapping on the new button will recommend whatever is new to any of your connected services. The archive button meanwhile will show you the currently used services according to category and genre and displayed according to the most recently used ones. It uses a scrolling motion similar to what you use on your mobile devices. I don’t know really if such a device can solve indecision problems but at least it can help narrow down your choices.

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