Planta lets you “converse” with your plants virtually

Planta lets you “converse” with your plants virtually

There are a lot of devices, furniture, and accessories created for plant parents especially since the pandemic. These products help first-time and expert caretakers to maintain their green pets even when they are doing other things at home. Even though I know I probably will never have need for these things since plants die on me no matter what I do (or don’t do), I know a lot of people around me who would like to have additional help when taking care of their plants.

Designer: Doyeon Lee

Planta is a product concept for a planter that will let owners “interact” with their greens through virtual means. It will let you know the status or health condition of your plants through a “conversation” with the shadows from a beam projector. Of course, you can always just look at the plants themselves but if you’re new to taking care of plants then you may not recognize these things by sight. The device will help you know through other, virtual means.

The projector shows shadows that indicate your plant’s health. If there’s a low shadow then it means you need to water them. Then you’ll see the shadows become “vibrant” and even sway around to let you know they’re healthy. There is also an automatic motion sensor that will illuminate the plant side if it detects you’re there and then the projection plate slide when there’s no motion around it. You’ll also receive the remaining cultivation and harvest time through a graphic user interface.

There is of course a lamp in the device that can automatically turn on when it needs a light source. Underneath that is the space where you put your plants. There are six holes where you can plant them in and then harvest them later on. There is a wall at the back where the virtual shadows will be projected on and which will show you if your plants are happy with the way you’re taking care of them. This seems to be a pretty useful device for those who are new to being plant parents although this black thumb of mine will most likely still kill anything green that passes my way.

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