Camera-inspired clock and floor lamp adds aesthetics to your space

Camera-inspired clock and floor lamp adds aesthetics to your space

Clocks and lamps are something that is more functional than aesthetic, at least in my house. I only need something to tell me what time it is and something to keep my room illuminated after I’ve turned off all the other lights at night. But of course, as with a lot of other functional things in our lives, there’s always room for exquisitely-designed things, especially those that aim to not just make our lives better but also more beautiful.

Designer: Hoyeon Shin

The Nostalgian Floor Lamp Clock aims to bring two functional things together: a lamp and a clock. But the designer wanted to create a clock design that hasn’t been done yet and he found inspiration from two artists: Olafur Eliasson (The Weather Project) and Michael Schlegel (Iceland). “There is time, but there is no time” is the philosophy he used behind the design and the camera is the real-world inspiration that he used to come up with the floor lamp clock.

What you get is what looks like a lighting accessory for a photo or movie shoot but is actually something that will help you tell time and give you illumination at the same time. The clock part uses a blurry acrylic material that also diffuses the LED light and gives you a misty effect. There are no numbers in the clock but you do get shadows for the second and minute hands to help you actually tell the time.

You can adjust the rotation and direction through a control at the back that’s similar to how you adjust the camera and tripod. You can also have a clapping function to turn the lamp on and off, which is of course an advantage for those that don’t want to get up just to do that. You can also choose to adjust the ambient light manually if you prefer to do it that way.

The final mockup looks pretty good for a floor lamp although I’m not so sure about the clock part. However, maybe that’s just me that sometimes has trouble reading an analog clock. But for the rest of the world that can tell time that way, this is a pretty interesting piece of furniture to have at home.

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