Uray tries to make at-home urine analysis more convenient and less embarrassing

Uray tries to make at-home urine analysis more convenient and less embarrassing

We have a lot of new tools and devices today that can help keep tabs on our health even while at home. Not everyone takes advantage of these technologies for reasons that go beyond simple price. Some find these tools just complicated and difficult to use, while others find it too bothersome to fetch the device out of storage. In the latter case, the device is kept in storage because they’re too embarrassing to be seen by anyone else, including family members. Urine analysis tools for the home fall in both categories, which nullifies the benefits of having such a device at home. A new device tries to address those problems and undo the stigma of a urinalysis tool by making it actually look good.

Designer: Andrey Dalakishvili, Dmitry Lyubimov

Most people undoubtedly find urine tests to be uncomfortable, even when done in the privacy of one’s home. While there is no need to draw blood, There is a level of embarrassment attached to the process, especially because of the process required. Unfortunately, that means that most people are at risk of developing kidney diseases that remain undetected until it’s too late. Although there’s no escaping the need to gather urine in a container for the test, Uray promises other ways to convince people to do it more regularly.

For one, there is the element of convenience and simplicity in using the device. You simply collect your urine in a one-time-use container and then put the container inside the device. Just press a button and wait a second for the analysis to be made and the results sent to your phone. On a technical level, it claims to use photonics and AI to deliver instant results that don’t require the use of reagents.


The latter is important because it reduces the exposure to your bodily fluid. No chemicals are used, and there is no risk of you accidentally even touching anything but the container and Uray. The device itself doesn’t make contact with the urine inside the container and only uses optical spectroscopy to look for 19 biomarkers. Uray is also easy to clean, according to its creators.

Uray also brings something to the table that many might downplay as unimportant. The device comes in an appealing design that could actually be mistaken for a liquid soap dispenser, especially if attached to a wall. Not only does it make the urine analysis device look more approachable but also less embarrassing to be seen by anyone else. If you don’t have to take it out of storage every time you need to use it, you are more likely to actually use it and test your urine for potential health problems. The colored lower portion not only makes it look more interesting but also leaves room for manufacturer customization.

This medical gadget is a good example of how an advanced product can actually be more effective if it looks and operates in a simpler manner. It hides its complexity and sophistication inside a nondescript but aesthetic body, encouraging people to make use of it more often. Just like with smartwatches and fitness trackers, these don’t replace professional medical tools and doctor checkups, but it does offer a broader and more frequent overview of your health in general.

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