This eco-friendly heater judiciously uses cooking oil to keep indoors cozy warm

This eco-friendly heater judiciously uses cooking oil to keep indoors cozy warm

When reducing carbon footprint and eco-friendly products are on your top priority list, a biofuel powered heater is what fits the bill. This sturdily build heater for modern homes is ultra-mobile and suffices your interior heating requirements for the winter season in the most sustainable way possible.

The creator of the Bio Heater is South Korea based industrial design consultancy Unichest for their client Flint Lab. The latter have found a novel way to make judicious use of all the cooking oil that otherwise is as good as waste after use. Target market for this particular prototype is majorly going to be the rural areas and farms where dirty kerosene and coal-fired heaters still dot the landscape.

Designer: Unichest

The good thing about waste cooking oil, plant oil, coffee oil, animal fat or microalgae oil is their property to be produced at low cost sans any additional processing requirements – thereby saving time and money. Flint Lab leverages this goodness to produce eco-friendly fuel for the Bio Heater. Unique combustion technology under the belly of this heater is used to transfer heat energy that’s further radiated in the room. According to Flint Lab, households in Asian cities employ coal stoves which are a nemesis for the worsening air pollution situation. As per a 2016 research by University of British Columbia, at least 5.5 million people succumb this air pollution in countries like China and India

Bio Heater is based on easy parts composition and manufacturing methods to put forth a neat and minimalistic design that blends perfectly with the traditional home setups. As Flint assures, the combustion engine burns contaminants in exhausted gas to significantly reduce the amount of soot generated. The chunky wheels on the front make the thing ultra-movable just like a wheelbarrow. Rounded top can be used to place things when not in use or even heating eatable during the winter season since we’re talking about energy conservation most of the times.

Steel is the primary material used in the construction to keep things lightweight and sturdy. The designers – Cho Sunghwan, Lee Sooyeol, Park Yeongeun, Yang Sihoon, and Lee Hyunju – offer this unique heater in colors including black, silver and orange to keep modern buyers interested.

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