This cyberpunk motorcycle helmet comes with safety features like a 360° light, intercom, and safety beacon

This cyberpunk motorcycle helmet comes with safety features like a 360° light, intercom, and safety beacon

The most advanced and interconnected riding helmet we’ve ever seen.

The purpose of a helmet has always been protection, and to some extent prevention as well. Helmets cover critical parts of your head and face, provide ventilation, and sometimes even have reflective panels (or lights) that help prevent accidents in low-light conditions. TALI CONNECTED’s iT-C helmet, however, does MUCH more. Just as the way the smartphone revolutionized the cell phone, giving it more than just call and text functionality, iT-C does the same for helmets. It’s designed to protect you, but also to enhance your driving experience and increase overall safety. To name just a few features of this bad boy, the iT-C features carbon fiber construction, 360° LED lights that also include an automatic brake light, turn signals and a rotating beacon. An accelerometer and gyroscope built into the safety beacon, can help identify if you’ve had an accident and alert local emergency services, with a 100 dB alarm to alert people to your presence. The iT-C also has its own communication system that lets you use the helmet’s built-in intercom to talk to other riders or access your phone’s voice AI on a whim. A GPS tracker helps record rides and times, while alerting you if your bike or helmet is about to be stolen… and the icing on the cake: the waterproof, damage-resistant helmet comes with a USB-C charging port, but more impressively enough, also has its own wireless charging station, giving you a place to put your helmet after a long, exhilarating ride!

Designer: TALI

Click Here to Buy Now: $1021 $1760 (42% off). Hurry, only 26/100 left!

The iT-C sets a new standard for smart helmets with its myriad of features. It is DOT and ECE 22.06 certified. Clearly designed for people who are passionate about their riding gear, the helmet’s features can be categorized into 4 areas: style/comfort, safety, connectivity and data logging. The helmet is clearly designed to look like a state-of-the-art piece of equipment. It’s aerodynamic, made from carbon fiber, and has a pretty nifty ventilation system to keep your head cool while you ride. Up front is a photochromic visor that becomes tinted during the day and transparent in low light, and speaking of light, LEDs wrapped around the periphery of the helmet allow you to create a literal halo around your head and even choose the exact color you want from the TALI Ride app.

High Quality Intercom – The integrated Bluetooth 5.0 with speakers and microphone HD sound allows you to enjoy voice commands, automatic voice reductions, music, calls and to connect with other passengers or several bikers with a signal range more than 1 mile.

Custom Color LEDs – Customize with your favorite colors.

Smart Assistant Voice Control – The hands-free voice control allows riders to easily access music, phone calls, the weather forecast and smart assistants (Alexa, Google Home & Siri) via Bluetooth 5.0.

Anti-theft and Alerts – When a suspicious movement is detected on your motorcycle, our mobile application notifies you via message or call. You have the option to stop the alarm or call the police.

i-Emergency – When an emergency or fall is detected, the app will notify three of your chosen loved ones and emergency services if needed.

When it comes to safety, iT-C’s approach to protecting you is as holistic as it gets. The carbon fiber construction itself is resistant to damage and the lights on the helmet allow others to see you no matter what. The back of the iT-C has a larger light panel with integrated turn signals that you can toggle remotely, letting people know where you’re headed, and a brake light connected to an accelerometer automatically activates if the helmet detects you’re slowing down. down or braking, immediately notifying riders behind you. While the iT-C can’t entirely prevent accidents (nothing really can), it goes above and beyond to help you stay safe in spite of them. The safety beacon’s built-in gyroscope and accelerometer, which is connected to the helmet via Bluetooth, can also detect collisions and if you’ve fallen, and an e-SIM running LTE-M in the safety beacon will automatically alert emergency services (a feature that TALI says will work in 190 countries) as well as 3 emergency contacts you program into the TALI app. Meanwhile, the helmet also comes with a separate security tag that you can install in your bike, which has its own 100 dB alarm to protect your bike from theft.

The iT-C Smart helmet has its own sophisticated intercom system that allows you to converse with other riders over distances of up to a mile. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, the smart helmet interfaces with other passengers and cyclists, allowing you to send and receive messages over a long distance while riding. Got a question or doubt about your ride? Well, you can also talk to your phone’s native voice AI, asking questions such as the nearest gas station or the weather in the next town. Voice AI can also be invoked to read messages, play music, and even make/accept phone calls via your smartphone.

The headset experience is further enhanced by the TALI Ride app. The app connects to your helmet as well as your motorcycle’s safety beacon, working in multiple ways. For starters, it lets you know the location of your bike at all times and if it detects an attempted theft (or if your bike is about to be towed), the audible alarm goes off, while you receive an alert on your phone. The app also features a “race mode” that allows you to track routes, performance, timing, other stats that may be important to a certain group of riders, and even allows you to connect with other riders in the TALI community base. If that wasn’t enough, the app will even sometimes remind you to have your bike serviced, a feature I’m pretty confident no smart helmet can claim to provide!

Currently priced at a 42% discount off €999 ($1021 USD), the iT-C kit comes with the helmet itself, the security beacon, the intercom system, a wireless charging base and a photochromic visor. You can grab the helmet in 3 colors – matte black, glossy black and glossy black + white, while the TALI Ride app is free to install and is available on iOS and Android devices.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1021 $1760 (42% off). Hurry, only 26/100 left!

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