Inflatable chair is a portable version of a popular laidback chair

Inflatable chair is a portable version of a popular laidback chair

I am a huge fan of the beach. I love going to it during the summer, looking at it and the sunset, walking around and feeling the sand slip on my toes, and sometimes, even swimming in the sea. What is challenging though is finding a convenient spot to sit so you can read a book or chat with friends or just stare off into the sunrise. Well of course you can just sit on the shore and on the sand but it’s not the most comfortable thing and sand gets in, uhm, places.

Designer: BoteBoard

The Adirondack chair is one of the most popular and laidback chairs created and is a constant feature in backyards, porches, and swimming pools. Now if only you could bring it to the beach as well but of course, it’s not built to be portable and is a bit heavy and bulky. Outdoor gear manufacturer BoteBoard came up with a lighter, portable, and inflatable version of this ergonomic chair called the AeroRondak Chair. You can bring it anywhere, not just the beach, but it seems perfect for that.

The chair is made up of foam-covered armrests, an inflatable backrest and base, and two MAGNEPOD for the armrests. You are able to control the rigidity of the different parts of the chair as the armrests and backrest are inflated separately. The MAGNEPODS are embedded in the armests so you can place your water bottle or metal tumbler and sip your iced coffee or piñacolada while enjoying the beach. It may be weird to see a chair in the sand or even in the water, but hey, if it makes people happy, why not?

Something like this doesn’t come cheap though. The AeroRondak Chair costs $549 for a single and $998 for a two pack in case you need another one for your loved one. It includes a hand pump, a mesh carry bag, a repair kit, and webbing strap, aside from the inflatable chair of course.

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