Groove table concept uses fabric as curvy surface

Groove table concept uses fabric as curvy surface

When we think of tables, we automatically think of flat, hard, sturdy planes where objects can be placed on a plain surface. While there have been a lot of innovations when it comes to designs and concepts for tables, almost all of them probably follow the same structure, which is that of the flat, hard, and sturdy kind. There are those whoever who would like to experiment with various textures, materials, and more innovative designs.

Designer: Hyangeon Park

The Groove concept for a curved table is pretty interesting. You get two levels for this furniture with the bottom part being the flat, hard, sturdy plane but the top part being the curvy section as it uses a fabric material. The designer calculated the depth that the fabric can reach and up to what weight you can place on it without it tearing or falling over. It also uses a wide shape rather than a circular one as you can see the changes in the fabric when you put light or heavy objects on it.

The second space of the table is the more stable one and is made from iron plate. So basically you get two options when placing an object and the contrast between the the “flexible-shaped fabric and hard steel plate” is pretty interesting. Obviously, the design for this kind of table is more aesthetic than functional. The main purpose is really not to have a place to eat on top of or to store various objects but more to display certain items on a different surface or to have the curved table itself as your decoration.

The product renders show green color for the crease-resistant fabric that they used but obviously, there will be more colors available if this becomes a commercial product. It would be interesting to see other colors and designs for Groove as this will also add to the aesthetics of such a table.

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