DWARF II smart telescope brings big photography features in a small package

DWARF II smart telescope brings big photography features in a small package

Mobile photography has become quite the trend, but as powerful as smartphone cameras could be, they still fall short of certain capabilities necessary for more professional work. On the flip side, most professional cameras go in the opposite direction and put everything, including the kitchen sink, resulting in a hefty and bulky body that hinders more than helps. With today’s technologies and manufacturing processes, however, it is certainly possible to shrink camera hardware down to a more manageable size without compromising on the experience and output. All it needs is some creativity and ingenuity, which is what the DWARF II smart telescope brings to the table, whether you’re taking photos of the stars, lions, or anything you need to get up close and personal.

Designer: TinyScope CAM

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At first glance, the DWARF II almost looks like an old-fashioned camcorder, though its lenses are actually on the long side of its body. That visual association with one of the most portable video recorders probably wasn’t by accident. In size and weight, the DWARF II is definitely one of if not the most compact pro gear you’ll lay your eyes on, especially when you consider all the features it’s actually packing inside.

The DWARF II is a telescope and camera smashed together, and its biggest pull is taking pictures of objects that are either too far away or should be kept at a safe distance. Wildlife photography definitely falls in that category, and the camera’s AI-powered object recognition and tracking make following moving critters no problem at all. The telescope has a wide-angle camera for regular pictures and a telephoto camera for close-ups that’s always aimed at the center of the wide-angle image, making it very easy to find the object you need to shoot in close-up.

Where the smart telescope shines brightest is in taking photos of stars and galaxies in the skies above. The DWARF II’s 100mm lens has an equivalent focal point of 675mm lens on a 35mm camera. That’s more than enough to not only see details on our moon but also to see some galaxies and nebulae. Of course, it’s not enough to simply just reach distances when it comes to astrophotography. Stars “move” slowly across the sky, and cameras need to be able to keep up with them. Fortunately, the DWARF II does that automatically, and it can rotate left and right up to 340 degrees and up and down on its pitch by up to 240 degrees. With a minimum rotation speed of 0.001° per second, enough to track slow-moving stars without a hitch.

Auto Star Tracking and Stacking – DWARF II can rotate around the altitude and azimuth along the movement of stars. DWARF II uses a field-rotation-correction algorithm to avoid the field rotation. Then you can use DWARF II to track deep-sky objects with long exposure time.

Gigapixel Panorama Zoom the World – DWARF II can capture multiple images through 2-axis scanning, then stitch them into ONE picture. The pixel count can even reach ONE BILLION!

AI-powered Object Recognition and Tracking – The maximum angular velocity tracked by DWARF II is 30 °/s, and the maximum linear velocity that can be tracked at a distance of 150 m is 80 m/s, which is 290 km/h. Even airplanes can be tracked.

Although the telescope is already smart by itself, it gets even smarter when paired with a smartphone. In addition to typical remote controls, the smartphone app can make short work of locating objects in the sky and making sure the DWARF II keep track of them. Even more seasoned astronomers and astrophotographers will probably appreciate the guides that will help them locate stars, planets, and galaxies more quickly.

Given all the features you’d normally find in bigger equipment, it’s almost shocking that the DWARF II manages to keep its portable size. That’s thanks to some creative design work, like using a periscope-style telescope to not only save up space but also increase its stability, even when used outdoors with strong winds. Even more surprising is that the DWARF II Smart Telescope only costs $359 for a limited time, offering budding photographers of all kinds an accessible tool they can take with them anywhere, ready to capture moments when inspiration strikes.

Click Here to Buy Now: $357 $459 (21% off). Hurry, deal ends in less than 72 hours! Raised over $1,800,000.

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