Zero Chair produces almost zero waste with a single aluminum sheet

Zero Chair produces almost zero waste with a single aluminum sheet

Franck Magne Zero Chair Design

For creatives, designing something will often inspire another project to start as soon as possible. Designs inspired by other designs always exist, and that is what happened with this new chair introduced by industrial designer Franck Magné after working on the layout of the Soleil & Papilles restaurant in Paris. He was doing the layout when he also started to imagine the tables and chairs that could be used. He was thinking of dining furniture pieces that could be produced locally for an important reason: budgetary constraints. Such a concern is essential in designing because you can’t just quickly produce and multiply money, mainly if it’s already limited and you have an output to deliver. Good thing the designer is smart and resourceful enough to optimize the design in hopes that material waste can be reduced. Zero waste is not precisely the goal, but the creation of the Zero Chair can help achieve that state someday.

Designer: Franck Magné

Franck Magne Zero Chair Details

The Zero Chair can be easily laid out on a standard aluminum sheet as some nine chairs can be made and laid out on a single sheet of aluminum material that is already characterized as recyclable. In addition, this aluminum is said to reproduce almost no offcuts, which is a good thing for those constantly checking the sustainability of a product. The Zero Chair has now been added to the designer’s Objets Publics collection which is a brand of furniture for public spaces, in partnership with SAG France.

Franck Magne Zero Chair Details

Franck Magné has been working on a small budget for the restaurant when he thought of this design. Zero Chair could pertain to zero waste, but it’s not really the case because there will still be waste but only very minimal. The designer said he wanted to create chairs that would minimize scrap and that’s what he successfully did. There are still offcuts produced, but those too can be recycled for whatever use as per the industrial designer.

Franck Magne Zero Chair Designer Illustration

The legs are assembled in a criss-cross fashion for better support and angle, while the backrest portion shows a curved shape that is also smoother and safer for young kids. Another exciting feature of the Zero Chair is a drain hole in the seat that works as a handle when you want to move or transport the chair. The Zero Chair can be used both outdoors and indoors, so every dining experience can be safe and comfortable. Of course, you can’t say this is just another mass-produced chair, but it offers many advantages like affordability, portability, and even sustainability.

Franck Magne Zero Chair Features

The Zero Chair is also available in different colors that can match the interior of any room, restaurant, or establishment. We can imagine all colors installed inside a room, which will be pleasing to the eyes. It looks like an ordinary dining chair, but its real beauty lies in its innovation, eco-friendliness, and genius design that produces less waste.

Franck Magne Zero Chair

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