Wolf stool concept has storage space for easy access to stuff

Wolf stool concept has storage space for easy access to stuff

Are you the kind of person who would look at clouds and try to see what shapes or creatures you can see there? If yes then you’re probably a pretty creative person who can see all sorts of things in different figures and structures even without hearing the name of the product concept. So even though there’s no description or explanation, you probably understand why this new product concept for a stool is called Wolf.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

The German-based designer is making a name for himself with his unique takes on simple furniture like bookshelves, lamps, and chairs. This new concept for a stool is called Wolf and if you let your imagination run a little wild, you’ll be able to see a wolf in the shape of this minimalist piece of furniture. In fact, the shape of the stool looks like a logo for a new video game or a brand that gives off a scary, wolf vibe.

Well the stool itself isn’t scary at all. It has three plywood elements that are put together with a bent metal sheet. There’s a big triangle in the seat part with bent edges for the corners. The design is pretty simple but also innovative in its shape. The triangular middle part can actually be turned into a small storage area. You can put items like your phone, the book that you’re currently reading, a notebook and pen for easy access if you need to write something down, and other small things you want at easy reach.

Just like some of the interestingly-designed stools and chairs that we’re seeing, they don’t seem to be too comfortable for sitting in a long time. Sure they add to the aesthetic of your room but it’s probably more decorative than practical, at least on the concept renders. Who knows, this Wolf might be a pretty cozy stool after all.

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