This mirror cuts through a secret drawer in the middle like the ‘guillotine’

This mirror cuts through a secret drawer in the middle like the ‘guillotine’

Guillotine was last used in the 1970s however its cruel imagery still sends shivers down my spine. For me, it would be the last thing to associate with a creation. But the Salone del Mobile floors brimming with completely out-of-the-box furniture and furnishing, is a crazy place to be in right now. It’s here that a mirror has been integrated with a mystery drawer that’s sliced through the middle to evoke an uncanny thought.

If you’re for mysterious designs, Guillotine designed by Jeffrey Huyghe for furniture brand Per/Use – best reckoned for its piano-style wall-mounted wooden hanger racks – is the idea that you’d want to instinctively install in your hallway. It’s not every day that we stumble upon ideas that are far stretched for general imagination; look beyond the obvious; or have a flavor out of the ordinary. So, when Yanko Design team, on their final day at the Milan fest, walked past the Guillotine, it was little the name but its appeal that got us drawn to Per/Use booth to hand out an award for this incredible creation.

Designer: Jeffrey Huyghe and Per/Use

From the designers, the mirror combined with a full-size drawer crafted from walnut or oak wood is essentially ‘designed with the idea to keep your hallway clean and gorgeous.’ From how I perceive it, the interior accessory would make a great option to have in the bedroom as a weapon or valuables safe. Your pens, wallet, and jewelry can easily rest inside the leather padded interiors of the secret drawer that opens only with the push of a button installed on the underside.

More than the idea of a drawer with a button for functionality, the Guillotine – comprising rectangular and round-shaped mirror – is a dramatic interpretation of the execution machine. The design creates an interesting illusion of the mirror cutting through the drawer like a ‘guillotine.’ This can be perceived as, mirror and the drawer blending into each other, creating an identical form. As you see it from the front ’they appear as one!’

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