This low-slung electric scooter is made for stylish urban riding for gen Z

This low-slung electric scooter is made for stylish urban riding for gen Z

Personal mobility is the way to go for the coming decades since congested city streets demand agile and less space occupying two-wheelers. If they come with the zero-emission promise it coincides with the planet’s desperate urge for a cleaner greener ecosystem.

The ZID electric scooter cruiser is the successor to the uber geometrically inclined electric commuter that seems well ahead of its time and in sync with the demand for clean energy mobility. Following suit, this newer version maintains the futuristic appeal while toning things down for a more practical form. The front and the rear wheels are connected with a covered frame with a movable section dividing the two – obviously, this thing has to make sharp turns too!

Designer:  Alexander Yamaev


The upright driving position gives off the peculiar kick-scooter personality of this e-scooter. There are a couple of carabiners hanging below the seating which will come in handy for carrying along groceries or small loads. The section below this also doubles as storage for keeping things and the rear platform above the wheel is another place to carry your haul of things like a skateboard, baseball bat, or things that would not fall off easily.

The straight handlebar has a modernized display on the left side that shows the current battery levels, real-time speed and the headlights on/off position. Those headlights take up the customary position in the middle of the frontal handlebar while the taillights drop down to the rear of the platform on the back.

The mix of radical design and storage space to carry things lends the ZID electric scooter a practical approach that’s validated for the future. To set it apart from the crowd, this unique lower shape also brings the convenience of extra space for keeping things without creating any visual chaos. All-in-all another refreshing concept that gets our validation for future prototype inspirations.

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