The Riffle LED Lamp’s elbow mysteriously hides a hinge

The Riffle LED Lamp’s elbow mysteriously hides a hinge

Different kinds of lamps can be found everywhere, whether at home, office, restaurant, hotel lobbies, or even in the streets, as they provide illumination and help create a mood or atmosphere. They furnish any room with adequate or ambient lighting throughout a space, affecting the mood, whether for relaxation or productivity. They are ready in different styles, sizes, colors, and luminescence levels while offering decorative purposes to an otherwise dim or dull home. Depending on one’s type or preference, or the aesthetics of a home, lamps must match the surroundings and be able to provide the proper lighting. Throughout the centuries, we have seen how lamp designs evolve, and we can expect the development will be rapid as more people get creative and are given a platform to eventually reach production and get marketed.

Design: Nobuaki Sato

Nobuaki Sato Riffle LED Lamp Details

Nobuaki Sato, a designer from Tokyo, has designed the Riffle LED Lamps made of walnut veneer in two different styles: desktop and floor-standing. The Riffle LED Desktop lamp is obviously smaller, while the Riffle LED Floor-standing Lamp is taller. Either style appears like scraps of wood nailed together to become a toy gun for kids, but this is really a lamp with LED lights, although they are hidden inside the top arm that also functions as the head. There is no lampshade here, so illumination is direct on a surface or the floor.

Nobuaki Sato Riffle LED Lamp Details

The lamp’s elbow is where the mysterious hinge is placed, looking like the head of a bamboo folding fan. The elbow portion appears to be layers of veneer wood alternating to create better support for both the top and lower arms. It’s actually the hinge part that we find mysterious because you don’t see any rivet or hinge from outside, but we believe there is—just hidden. On the base of the lamp, there is a basic port there for the cable that can be removed, so we’re assuming this lamp is rechargeable which is better as the cord can add to a cluttered look at times.

Nobuaki Sato Riffle LED Lamp Where to Buy

Nobuaki Sato Riffle LED Lamp Specs

The lamp’s name says a lot—Riffle LED Lamp– as it has a hinge that appears when you “riffle” or are shuffling things or flipping through the pages of a book. It’s not to be confused with the rifle gun, but then the form of the lamp could also well be that of a gun—the kind that kids improvise from imagination. You can choose how you want to see this LED lamp, but one thing we can be sure of—this is a minimalist lamp that won’t overwhelm the surrounding. Instead, it offers a simple and subtle elegance that can enhance any room or corner at home. The walnut veneer adds character and a rich depth to the desk or floor-standing lamp while being luxurious and creating a stylish and smooth finish to a supposedly very basic lighting solution.

Nobuaki Sato Riffle LED Lamp Designer

Nobuaki Sato Riffle LED Lamp Images

Nobuaki Sato Riffle LED Lamp

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