Space Camper reimagines Cybertruck for a couple’s camping in extreme blimey

Space Camper reimagines Cybertruck for a couple’s camping in extreme blimey

We are yet to have a real-life Cybertruck in spite of hearing about it since 2019. Years have passed through the pandemic, and Elon Musk’s dream project is only getting a deferred launch date. That said, there is no dearth of imaginers who spends hours and days on their digital art software to render the most lucrative camper design to make the Cybertruck – when launched – a substantial travel camper for couples.

Space Camper is the latest name to enter the domain of Cybecamper idealizers. This space has gone incredibly buzzing since the Elon Musk detailed at the Cybertruck announcement that it would be accompanied by a trailer and a pop-up tent of its own, giving rise to a host of designs imagining the camping version of the Cybertruck.

Designer: Space Camper

Amid all the fandom, the Cybertruck was expected to launch in 2021. It didn’t happen as planned, partly because of the supply chain hiccups during the pandemic and partly because of Musk’s Twitter misadventure. But for the fans, there is no Cybertruck yet, and perhaps no certainty of when it will happen for real. Before Tesla rolls out the space-age model or someone beats Musk to the ground, we have only eyes to feed with the Space Camper style designs of a camping-enabled Cybertruck for the modern nomads preferring to live and work on the road.

Equipped to take a couple anywhere on tar, gravel, and boulders – the Space Camper is designed from aerospace-grade materials for durability. The wedge-style unit tethers to the back of the Cybertruck without much fuss. It is positioned close to the road and can be pulled up to camp anywhere instantly. Onboard air-powered actuators are used to retract the camper to a halt in under a minute. For the concerned, the wedge-style opening allows 8-foot headroom, while the built-in awing offers additional open space.

So, load your gear, and hop into the Cybertuck with the Space Camper attached to the rear. Take the untravelled roads on the journey and stop over by the remotest lake to retract the Murphy bed in the attached camper and sleep over staring at the stars in the open sky. The camper is packed with extensions tucked away under the bed which can double as table and seating. For the more serious adventurists, the camper is topped with a modular racking system on the roof that can hold the gear, carry your raft or bike, or even be fastened with solar panels for near off-grid camping. To enhance the abilities of the electric truck for camping, the 470lbs camper has a battery pack capable of delivering about of week of backup in the wilderness.

While this may sound almost apt for some, there would be a section that would complain about the lack of a kitchen or bathroom. Reportedly, add-ons like a kitchen, and outdoor bathroom are possible, if the customer requires them.

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