POC Myelin Helmet protects the head with 50% recycled materials, to be easily deconstructed

POC Myelin Helmet protects the head with 50% recycled materials, to be easily deconstructed

MYELIN Helmet Design

Cycling is fun and easy exercise, and if you regularly ride your bicycle, you will see health benefits such as increased cardiovascular fitness, an energy boost, and decreased body fat levels. And what’s great about cycling is you only need a bike and a few accessories to start. Even though you don’t need much equipment to enjoy cycling, you shouldn’t skimp on protective gears like a helmet. There are many helmets in the market, but this one from POC protects your head while protecting the environment.

Designer: Claes Nellestam (POC)

Design MYELIN Helmet

Suppose you are considering cycling, whether as a commuter, road cyclist, or mountain biker, you have to ensure bike safety because your life can be at risk with all the possible accidents. Like in most sports, you can prevent these unfortunate events if you follow the fundamental tips like finding the right bicycle size, double-checking brakes, and using headlights. And one of the most important tips to follow: Wear a helmet. A helmet is essential as it effectively protects and reduces the impact of a collision or a fall.

POC believes “the best way to develop a passion is to protect it.” This principle drives the company to offer personalized protection and safety through quality sports products like its latest helmet, the Myelin. This helmet is “highly advanced yet cuts out complexity” to minimize the impact on the planet’s resources.


Unlike other helmets in the market, including those from the brand, Myelin is the first helmet made of 50% recycled materials. This means it is a more sustainable option for people who care about the planet. The company aims to be more environment-friendly, so it’s looking for ways to allow safety and sustainability to co-exist in the products. The Myelin is a product of POC’s move to place on itself “an obligation to use our planet’s resources respectfully,” as per POC Senior Designer Claes Nellestram.

MYELIN Helmet Demo

Aside from the recycled materials used on the outer woven fabric shell, Myelin’s sustainability also comes from its “deconstructable” design. It comes with an interlocking structure with simple fasteners tying the helmet together. The straps’ snap adjuster and elastic sections offer a secure fit to the user, similar to how baseball caps work. The design also means no need for laminators or adhesives, allowing the parts to be easily separated at the end of the helmet’s life. The easier a product can be deconstructed, the easier it is to reuse and recycle the components.

MYELIN Helmet Function

The POC Myelin Helmet can also be a good option if you want a comfortable, lightweight helmet that can prevent overheating, thanks to the EPS liner and ventilated zones. It gives optimized protection even if built with only a few pieces and doesn’t use glue for its construction. Designed for recyclability for the eco-conscious cyclist, this helmet is a significant step forward for POC in helmet design. However, it’s only the beginning as the company continues to challenge the conventional way helmets are made, the materials used, and how they can be deconstructed.

MYELIN Helmet Design

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