Nightingale Mood Setting Speaker especially made for partners

Nightingale Mood Setting Speaker especially made for partners

Nightingale Mood Setting Speaker Features

Setting the mood not only for couples but for the whole family can be a challenge. There are many ways to set the perfect ambiance for a more delightful experience but only a few methods work. In this modern era, you may be surprised that a concept speaker like the Nightingale can help in setting an alluring atmosphere. The Nightingale isn’t just a new speaker that “sings”, it can also help set the mood for couples who want to nurture a closer relationship. The idea of the design is to increase the sensory level by focusing on an emotional and sensorial design.

Designer: Li You

Nightingale Mood Setting Speaker Design

The designer focused on three points he thought would benefit the design: Appearances (CMF), Interactions, and the Meaning behind the project. Several forms were explored by designer Li You in making the distinct silhouette and sub-shape. According to the designer, they should be flowing and contouring together to create the feeling of intimacy. The result then is a C-shaped form as a model that responds to the ideas earlier mentioned.

Intimacy is something you build consciously and if there is a lack of it in a relationship, it may be challenging to maintain closeness. When we say intimacy between people, it does not just necessarily mean sexual intimacy. Generally, it refers to the shared sense of touch and proximity between two persons or a group of people.

Nightingale Mood Setting Speaker Concept

From foam models to a 3D print model, the Nightingale has reached a form that looks good and describes intimacy best. It has gone through sanding, primer coating, spray painting, and fabric warping. The C-form shows a smooth curve that expresses elegance and intimacy. It doesn’t offer much, so we can say it is minimalist in some sense, but it can be perfect for playing your favorite music as any regular speaker.

The Nightingale Mood Setting Speaker seeks to create an atmosphere where people can be cozy, intimate, and friendly–it will turn on when you stroke it. Tap the speaker when if you want to backtrack or fast track. To turn the speaker off, you can simply squeeze a portion of the Nightingale.

As described, the Nightingale Mood Setting Speaker is created for partners to set the mood and communicate emotions through interactions and form. The designer has acknowledged the need to express love in a relationship every day, but such collaboration of souls needs effort and time. This project, despite the imperfections and the asymmetric form, resulted in a beautiful product with a balanced visual weight. The asymmetrical design of the speaker you see symbolizes such imperfections in relationships and the differences between individuals.

Nightingale Mood Setting Speaker

Nightingale Mood Setting Speaker Parts

Nightingale Speaker

Looking at the Nightingale Mood Speakers may not immediately evoke feelings or emotions. Still, after a while and a few moments of use, you will understand how this helps create a mood and ambiance of intimacy. The sensory level hits on sight, touch, and hearing, while the emotional design opens up moments of reflection. The speaker operates by learning and responding to touch while the form and surface tackle the details, silhouettes, and sub-shape.

Concept Nightingale Mood Setting Speaker

Nightingale Mood Setting Speakers

Nightingale Mood Setting Speaker Functions

Nightingale Mood Setting Speaker System

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