Knee brace concept can help parents, doctors monitor kids’ recovery

Knee brace concept can help parents, doctors monitor kids’ recovery

It’s a nightmare for parents when one of their kids gets injured. I mean, of course, it’s difficult for the actual kids but it’s also difficult for parents especially when it comes to monitoring the recovery and making sure they don’t suffer a relapse or a worse injury. There are a lot of designers working with medical specialists trying to come up with helpful tools that can help in this process of healing. It’s a delicate balance between a good design and actual medical functionalities.

Designer: Yifeeling Design Lab

A design company came up with a medical design solution to help kids who suffer from injuries like damaged meniscus and other possible leg injuries that will affect the knees, especially in the recovery process. The C-knee is a device that the child can wear while recovering from their fracture, sprain, or other injuries. It’s designed like the usual leg brace that athletes wear but with a mesh padding to fit the knee area. I’m assuming that this is something the kids will wear after the cast has come off and the doctors and parents need to keep a close eye on their knees.

The C-Knee actually has a device attached to it that looks like a medical monitor. The information that is recorded there should be something that the doctor or parents will have access to so they can monitor if there is no further damage being done to the knee joints while they’re recovering. The information should also give them an idea of what further rehabilitation is needed so they will eventually get complete healing.

The design is supposedly based on the natural curve of the knee and leg. They also did research on knee injuries and so they were able to come up with a design that should help with the recovery process, both for the kids and the parents or guardians, and especially the medical professional helping them get better.

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