Gravitas brings all-weather grated furniture for the outdoors

Gravitas brings all-weather grated furniture for the outdoors

When choosing furniture for outdoor purposes, whether for your home patio or the outdoor seating of your restaurant or cafe, you have different criteria compared to your indoor furniture. While your living room or indoor seating for your establishment requires comfort and sometimes ingenuity, what you need for the outdoors is something more sturdy and can withstand whatever weather it might encounter. Having something creatively designed is a bonus of course.

Designer: Konture Studio

This new line of outdoor furniture is called Gravitas and the look and design is basically “grated”. It looks sturdy enough to survive strong winds, rains, and snow, although the steel material might make it a little too hot for when the sun is well and truly up during summer. The galvanized grating design for this “all-weather all-rounder” pieces of furniture is perfect for a garden, a patio, or the backyard outdoor seating for a cafe or restaurant with an industrial look or theme.

Aside from being weather-proof, the material also makes it easy to wash and clean, although the nooks and crannies of the grates might need some individual brushing if you want to do a thorough cleaning of the furniture. There are different sets available, including long bench-like seats for a long, rectangular table as well as square stools for a smaller, square table. You can choose between a galvanized or powder-coated finish, depending on the design that you want for your outdoor furniture. There are also different colors available like yellow, green, orange, pink, black.

The grated design goes well with an industrial theme although the comfort level of seating on benches and stools with such a design may be questionable. But if what you’re looking for are ensembles of tables and seats that will last longer than the usual materials, then this is something better compared to other kinds of furniture with less sturdy materials. The Gravitas furniture series is also something different for Konture Studio which normally creates furniture lines for retail stores.

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