Ear hugging bone conducting wireless earbuds to spice up the boring marketplace

Ear hugging bone conducting wireless earbuds to spice up the boring marketplace

Earbuds are one accessory that you’ll find in most people’s arsenal, handy for focusing while working or while on the chaotic everyday commute. They come in plenty of shapes, colors and are loaded with new features – there’s one for everyone to be honest. A designer house though takes a complete detour with experimental design for earbuds, and I absolutely love it to the core.

These are the Earbugs, a pair of in-ear earbuds that combine the advantages of an earphone, bone-conducting audio accessories, and over-the-ear headphones. The unique shape of the earbuds extends the traditional compact shape of wireless in-ear earbuds, and fuses them with an ear-hugging design for a secure fit. Not only do they stay snug in place, but come with bone conducting technology for superior transparency mode.

Designer: All Design Lab

Earbugs are inspired (strangely) by the clean outer texture and the bumpy appearance on the underbelly of parasites. The ability of these tiny creatures in utilizing the body of the host, somehow triggered the thought of imbibing bone conducting technology into the earbuds for a wider soundstage. The shape of the Earbugs corresponds with the ear’s contours, and the area of the bone-conducting surface adjacent to the earbuds is indicated by the abrasive texture that gradually fades away.

This audio accessory envisions a unique audio experience for the listener combining the goodness of in-ear sound isolation of the wireless earbuds and the capability of the bone conducting technology to bring a comfortable and realistic transparency experience to the fore. Not only this, the bone conduction combined with the earbuds dynamic drivers could create a 3D soundscape for a never-before audio delivery. The ear-hugging ergonomically shaped earbuds will be well-suited for fitness ad outdoorsy enthusiasts if they get a decent water-resistant rating, if and when they actually meet fruition.

I’m sure audiophiles like me will be already having a rise smile on their face at the prospect of graduating to the next avenue of personalized audio listening with these mindfully designed earbuds. That said, don’t even think of using them while sleeping or laying on one side, since they definitely don’t look right for bedtime listening.

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