Cyborg Lamp looks like it’s ready to pounce on you anytime

Cyborg Lamp looks like it’s ready to pounce on you anytime

Cyborg Lamp Jaro Kose Real

It’s not yet time, but we believe society will someday know cyborgs and robots differently from what we usually read in books or see in movies. While that era hasn’t happened yet, the world will just have to do with things that resemble them and imagine a future where technology is not just part of the way we live but also part of the human body. We’re not saying we long for that time when organic and biomechatronic parts will be part of us—no, we want to be as natural and alive as possible. Still, we look forward to a time when everything is advanced because of robotics just as we’re at the early stage where robots can do almost everything humans can and, in some cases, even better.

Designer: Jaro Kose

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For now, we’ll settle with objects shaped like cyborgs and enjoy this time when the boundaries between humans and machines are not yet destroyed. This Cyborg Lamp will make you think that inanimate objects can someday have “life” and suddenly just move as if it has a soul. This lamp is a stationary item, but it looks like it’s ready to jump and pounce on you anytime, appearing like a spider with only three long legs.

Cyborg Lamp Jaro Kose

Cyborg Lamp Jaro Kose Concept

The Cyborg Lamp offers different motions and movements that can transform and act according to the owner’s mood. Designed by Jaro Kose, the lamp showcases creativity in its design of even the most common pieces you see at home. There is no limit to ingenuity, mainly if you apply heart and passion—which is what the designer believes in. His previous works like the Clock Vase, Invader Whisk, and the Delft Stool and Table show that an unlikely source of inspiration can give birth to remarkable works of art.

Cyborg Lamp Jaro Kose Details

Cyborg Lamp Jaro Kose Product Design

Cyborg Lamp is made of metal and polypropylene plastic, so it’s durable and safe for humans. It’s small, measuring 16 x 16 x 41 cm ( 6.2 x 6.2 x 16 inches), so it may look better if you have a few of these scattered on your desk or the floor. They will just look like robot spiders waiting for your go signal to power on and illuminate the whole room. The lamp can be directed in any direction—whether looking down or up— by adjusting the legs and height. The Cyborg Lamp is ready in either black or white with a shiny finish and gold details. Interestingly, the lamp still maintains a minimalist appeal so that it can be perfect for those looking for simple yet unique-looking accessories for the home.

Cyborg Lamp Jaro Kose Function

Cyborg Lamp Jaro Kose Launch

Cyborg Lamp Jaro Kose Photos

Cyborg Lamp Jaro Kose Images

Cyborg Lamp Jaro Kose Designer

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