Artemide Integralis light platform allows a safer, well-illuminated, and sanitized area

Artemide Integralis light platform allows a safer, well-illuminated, and sanitized area

Artemide Integralis

Light design must be effective if we want it to make a lasting impact, however, achieving such an ultimate effect can be a great challenge. With all the choices and technologies available, lighting can be difficult to build as part of interior design. Interestingly, like most categories in the design world, lighting can be enhanced to reach a point where lights not only provide an excellent play with our perceptions but also where they can help a person’s circadian rhythm and health.

We can go beyond the aesthetics of lighting and just focus on science, and that is where Artemide comes in with the Artemide Integralis. Over at the Salone del Mobile 2022 event in Milan, the Integralis is currently being showcased as a universal light so people can stay safe together. It seems the theme of staying safe and sanitized is still not used up. The pandemic isn’t over, so people are still encouraged to keep safe, clean, and sound.

Designer: Artemide

Artemide Integralis

Artemide Integralis Tagora Ceiling 570

The Artemide Integralis universal light brings together luminous performance and sanitizing efficacy. Furthermore, the beautiful design allows itself to be integrated into environments and situations where needs are interpreted differently. The people behind Integralis based their work on a social and humanistic vision and the company’s scientific and technological research. As a result, the technology is more of a light platform that is sustainable and innovative that helps in ensuring responsible use of the environment.

Artemide Integralis 1

The idea of the Integralis is that it can act against any pathogenic microorganisms by simply illuminating them. The Artemide Integralis offers selected frequencies of visible light that can inhibit the growth and development of bacteria, mold, or fungi. The act is straightforward and is expected to work the way most disinfecting UV lights work.

Artemide Integralis 3

Artemide Integralis Tolomeo Table Pure Integralis

Such frequencies can also act on viruses, so the effect is a clean surface and environment all the time. But unlike the standard UV lights available, the Integralis is safer for humans and materials within a space. So this lighting solution definitely can help people to live a safer life with more protected health in the days to come.

Artemide Integralis Discovery Vertical

What makes this more compelling is that this technology works on the concept of “dose,” adapting the antimicrobial action’s intensity depending on the absence and presence of people in the surrounding. This also works on the idea of “time” as the light is activated or deactivated by the presence of sensors. Integralis’ intensity is more significant when there are no people, so this means sanitization and safety are guaranteed. During the day, it can still do its job but with a minimum antimicrobial dose only. The maximum antimicrobial dose is activated at night or during people’s absence.

Artemide Integralis

Artemide Integralis

Quality light plus antimicrobial properties seem like a dream. And good news, several light models are available now for the general consumers, with each one offering different looks. In addition, Artemide has integrated the Integralis into some of its current collections already available. These are some of the Integralis models worth checking out: the NUR, DISCOVERY, Tolomeo Table Lamp, and the Tagora Ceiling 570.

Artemide Integralis

The concept is to help improve human safety and environmental quality in different application contexts; thus, the technology is integrated into the current lighting solutions from the brand. In addition, this Artemide Integralis can be managed via the Artemide app as a digital interaction system accessible by everyone. The technology is still patent-pending, but we can expect it to be approved soon.

Artemide Integralis

Artemide Integralis

Artemide Integralis Nur Lights

Artemide Integralis Nur Collection

Artemide Integralis Nur

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