This wearable helps you go healthy food shopping based on DNA analysis

This wearable helps you go healthy food shopping based on DNA analysis

The sharpest of minds have been studying DNA for more than 70 years now, for a better understanding of the human species and how the individual’s biology is shaped. While this subject is as wide as the expanse of the oceans, we’re getting a better idea of each of its properties making us all unique in our own rights. Our DNA affects the way in which our body responds to the foods we eat, and that explains how some of us are allergic to some eatables while some others are good for our body.

A diet plan for one individual might not be the best fit for another, that’s why millions of dollars are invested into health and fitness across the world every year. Understanding the science behind the food we eat, and how it metabolizes is worth its weight in gold. In this quest, DnaNudge has developed a niche wearable capable of recommending and even saving the unassuming shoppers from making bad choices.

Designer: UDL Industrial Design

More like a fitness tracker that sits on your wrist bone, the wearable dubbed DnaBand performs an on-the-spot genetic analysis of the foods being chosen for the wearer. Basically, all you have to do is scan the barcode of a grocery or eatable item with the DnaBand. If the product is good for you based on the genetic analysis, the green light comes up, and if it’s not the best-suited thing to have, the red light indicator comes up.

As the database of the wearable keeps growing, the recommendations for the best foods to have also keep improving drastically. The result, you’ll never be feeding your body (unless you have the grit and determination) with food items that’ll harm your biology in the long run. Thereby, helping avoid the chances of long-term health problems. These recommendations are stored locally on the wearable band too inside the small bean-shaped capsule.

To make things practical, the DnaBand will only encourage you to adopt healthy eating and drinking habits. For example, it will tell you if based on your DNA, having low sugar chocolate will be beneficial. It’ll be more of a psychological change in lifestyle rather than a complete overhaul of habits overnight. Small changes in shopping habits will gradually put the user on the path to better health, the scientifically proven way.

The DNA analysis will be combined with real-time fitness activities to recommend dietary items. For instance, if you are mostly on a low fitness regime for a week, foods lesser in carbohydrates will light up green, while if some other week you are on a stringent fitness routine, food items with high carbohydrates will trigger the wearable to go green.

Other than the cool health tracking bit, the wearable band is ultra-comfortable to wear with a magnetic leather strap that goes with every wrist size. All the real-time data is saved locally on the band in an encrypted manner to avoid any data breaches. With the DnaBand users will be always aware of what they are putting in their system to make better health-related choices.

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