The Renovated Nido House Opens up With a Central Courtyard

The Renovated Nido House Opens up With a Central Courtyard

The Renovated Nido House Opens up With a Central Courtyard

Originally designed for just a couple longing to return to their roots in Melbourne, the Nido House project transitioned into accommodating six people. Angelucci Architects kept the open space feel of the existing design by shifting it to other parts of the house. The main space, consisting of the kitchen, dining room, and living room, benefit from a central courtyard that provides outdoor space and maximum natural light for the interior. When the sliding glass doors are open, the outdoor space blends with the living spaces creating a light-filled environment with views of the sky.

A courtyard wall is clad in handmade tiles that resemble a mermaid tails in shades of green.

The central courtyard resides between the living room and the kitchen with open sight lines provided by a large window. The wood staircase appears to float behind glass panels that span floor-to-ceiling.

Behind the wood wall in the living room is a bathroom with a curved sunken bathtub surrounded by dark blue tiles.

Warm, orangey tones complement the vertical wood wall in the living room while contrasting the green tiles in the courtyard.

The kitchen features a modern tile design on the walls and base of the dining table. A skylight overhead and large window overlooking the courtyard filter light into the space.

The facade received an upgrade of tiles that cascade down from the roof and onto the front brick.

Build – Belarte Building
Furniture & styling – Fenton & Fenton

Photos by Dave Kulesza, courtesy of BowerBird.

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