Minimalist, sustainable lamp can turn work into relaxation with a swivel

Minimalist, sustainable lamp can turn work into relaxation with a swivel

While lamps can be both functional and decorative, they don’t need to be that intricate and complicated. All you need is a little bit of light and then some material to keep it in or diffuse it. It would also be better for those working at home if it’s something that can be used easily for both work and leisure purposes. That’s a lot to ask of a lamp but there are a lot of designers out there who might be thinking of something as simple and functional as this.

Designer: Andrew Ferrier

One such concept product for a lamp is called Loop, a minimalist product that only uses a few “ingredients,” so to speak, to give you something that you can use when working and then later on when you’re relaxing. It is also made out of mostly sustainable materials so there’s the added bonus of using something that lessens your carbon footprint. Plus, you don’t need to use two different lamps for two different purposes.

The idea for Loop is that when you direct the light downwards, it serves as your workspace illumination. When you’ve finished working, you can just rotate it inwards and it becomes a mood light to help you relax as you read, journal, watch your favorite streaming service or whatever it is that you do after you work or study. There’s no need to touch a lot of buttons or use any app to make this transition as you just need to swivel.

The construction of the lamp itself allows for this swivel interaction, and it uses pretty simple materials. For the shade, all you need is something that bends, allowing you to match the lamp with your ambiance and decoration. You would need two holes in the sheet/shade to insert the lamp/light into it and then some hinges to hold the entire thing together. Even the packaging for the Loop has sustainability and portability in mind.

The concept renders show that the lamp can easily be assembled by any user. Since all the materials are packed into a tube, shipping will not be a problem as well. You can even get multiple Loops made from different materials so you can match different parts of your house with the lamps.

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