KoolTunes Boombox Playmate offers retro coolness with the latest audio technology

KoolTunes Boombox Playmate offers retro coolness with the latest audio technology

The boombox is an iconic piece of history. It is a symbol of musical heritage that led us to where we are now. The music industry is mainly all about streaming now, but sometimes, we want to be reminded of those times when you need to literally bring a big boombox to get the party started.

The KoolTunes Boombox Playmate Cooler is now getting a new lease on life with the latest technology. It now comes with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can stream your favorite tunes easily from your smartphone. Those who lived through the 80s and the 90s may probably remember this Playmate cooler from Igloo. A few decades later, we can enjoy some retro goodness with this modern version.

Designer: Igloo

KoolTunes Demo

KoolTunes Design Specs

The new KoolTunes Boombox Playmate Cooler now boasts a weather-resistant exterior. You can bring it anywhere with you, whether near the pool or by the beach. It allows extended audio playtime, while Bluetooth connectivity allows a wireless audio listening experience.

Pool parties and beach days will definitely be “cooler” with the KoolTunes. It features the same dual speakers on to a Playmate Classic Cooler. The color combo has been retained: jade, magenta, and neon yellow. It offers a retro look and feel that is very much popular these days.

KoolTunes Design Features

KoolTunes Specs

Let’s take a look at the specs and features. This thing comes with a wireless twin speaker stereo design. It offers premium audio and deep bass plus the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless pairing technology. The cooler lasts up to a maximum of ten hours on a single charge of the built-in lithium-ion battery.

KoolTunes is priced at $149, which is a reasonable price for a large speaker system. We’re just not sure about the audio quality, but it could be good enough since it will be mainly used outdoors. The KoolTunes Playmate with built-in speakers also features THERMECOOL insulation, so you can really use it as a regular cooler that can hold up to 26 cans.

The cooler-speaker system features the original side-push button. There is a control panel with Bluetooth pairing for fast streaming of your favorite tunes. It’s ready to make you hit rewind and play. If you’re my age, I know you’ll want to get one and give it to your kid. It’s one legacy we can leave the young generation—something they’ll actually welcome with open arms.


KoolTunes Design

The boombox trend seems to be growing, albeit with a twist. There is the retro design but with the addition of new technologies. We remember the OB–4 minimal rewindable radio and the Fooks Smart Boombox. The Urban Boombox from a few years ago proved to be elegant.

KoolTunes Igloo Design

KoolTunes Igloo Features

KoolTunes Demo Beach

KoolTunes How To Operate

KoolTunes Igloo

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