Bugatti Chiron-inspired Watch takes the iconic C form of the luxury sports vehicle

Bugatti Chiron-inspired Watch takes the iconic C form of the luxury sports vehicle

Concept Bugatti Inspired Watch

Mention Bugatti and people will immediately think of elegant design and intelligent technology. We have seen such a combination in several Bugatti-branded products, whether they are conceptual or real.

The name Bugatti offers a hint of sophistication, as evident in the Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal Watch. The Bugatti Electric Tea Kettle gives you the exact and ideal temperature, while the Bugatti-inspired Espresso Machine is ready to start and supercharge your day with coffee. This time, a Bugatti-inspired Watch will make you wish you have all the money in the world to patronize the brand.

Designer: Arjun Vallabheshwar

Bugatti Inspired Watch Design

The Bugatti Chiron inspired this Bugatti watch. That’s the same inspiration for the luxury crystal watch introduced recently. The new watch concept features smooth, signature Bugatti curves and finishes we all desire. It may be the more affordable version of the Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal, but it’s as elegant and interesting.

The watch was designed by Arjun Vallabheshwar, who also showcased the killer-whale-inspired mouse concept. It’s minimal and modern, giving off a subtle luxe vibe some rich people like. Bugatti can consider this watch design, or perhaps a respected timepiece company may turn the watch into reality.

Bugatti Inspired Watch

Bugatti-based designs abound, but not all are ready for public consumption. Coming up with innovative and creative renders is challenging, but expect ideas to flow once inspiration strikes. The Bugatti Chiron-inspired Watch is elegant but also surfaces with a hint of sportiness–after all, the Bugatti Chiron is a sports car.

A Bugatti Watch can’t be compared with Bugatti cars, but we love to witness two different products using the same branding but different design language. Like the exclusive Bugatti Chiron Watch, you can see the mechanism of the concept watch, albeit not as clear. There are no pistons pumping, just the wheels and gears spinning.

Bugatti Inspired Watch Concept

The Bugatti Chiron as the main inspiration is prominent in the shape of the watch case. A crown is positioned on the left, while a red Bugatti logo is seen on the bottom of the case. It appears to be brushed stainless steel, but it could also be titanium.

Bugatti Inspired Watch Designer

If you’re a fan of Bugatti, even if you don’t drive one, you are free to admire all the Bugatti cars that enter the market. A number of concept Bugatti vehicles have also been introduced, and each one can make any car enthusiast’s heart jump for joy. That Bugatti Type 57s sporty electric redesign brought a crowd favorite back to the future. A 4×4 off-roader version of a Bugatti Chiron looked like a Mad Max-meets-cyberpunk creation. And to satisfy the car lover’s curiosity, feel free to review these other Bugatti-inspired concepts that establish the luxury brand’s dominance in the automotive world.

Bugatti Inspired Watch Images

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