Apple 8K ProCam is too good to be true

Apple 8K ProCam is too good to be true

Concept Apple products abound, and we don’t think designers will ever stop coming up with gadgets and objects that follow the brand’s design language. Of course, not everyone can be a techie or be able to invent something, but there are creative people who can imagine and put what they have in mind into renders.

This new Apple camera is the company’s first 8K professional camera. Of course, it’s not a real Apple product. We don’t think the tech giant will also pick this idea and transform it into reality because if it happens, then Apple wouldn’t be able to sell their phones fast. You see, this camera concept is compelling with its 8K resolution, professional photography features, M1 processor, and those innovative lenses with Apple mount.

Designer: Antonio de Rosa

The Apple 8K Professional Camera also offers onboard Siri, StyleWriter Compact Ink-less Printing, a Touch and Tilt rear display, and a Magic Wheel with a touch screen button. It’s like the perfect camera, at least, for big Apple fans, but it’s too good to be true. The Apple ProCam seems like a dream, and it is. However, with Apple discontinuing the iPod series, we doubt it will release another separate product line when the iPhone is already very powerful.

8K Apple ProCam

Apple ProCam

The 8K Apple ProCam comes in a small cube form factor. There is a triple camera system on one side and a slanted display on the opposite side. The small display is touchscreen, and it’s where you can access some apps like the basic Photos and iMovie. The time, battery level, Bluetooth, and WiFi status icons are also seen on the screen.

8K Apple ProCam Details

8K Apple ProCam Design

There is a small slit underneath where the ink-less print comes out on the same side. On both sides are black Apple logos, while on top, there is a cover plus two buttons and a camera dial on one corner. The cover is actually a hidden flash. We’re assuming it only needs a quick press to come out. Underneath, there appear four rubber stoppers to avoid slipping, plus a slot where you connect the camera to a tripod.

8K Apple ProCam Design Details

The camera is ready for 8K multi-shooting. The camera dial has the standard modes: Auto, Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual options, Video, 3,2,1, and CINEMATIC. Another version presented only has one camera lens instead of three.

The Apple ProCam’s cube shape reminds us of the old square iPod Nano. It’s like the 3D version, so the camera device could also look great in different colors. Sadly though, it is just a concept product.

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