ZIPP Speaker Concept transmits sound to the user only

ZIPP Speaker Concept transmits sound to the user only

ZIPP Design

ZIPP isn’t a new lighter design even though we know it can remind you of one. This product is something from ZIP MY LIP, a concept brand described to be with manners.

Okay, so this is just a concept but the idea is that this super-cardioid speaker will only transmit sound to the user. This means it’s not exactly a loudspeaker for everyone in the room to hear. It is only meant to transmit sound to one user so others won’t hear.

Designers: Da-yeon Choi, Yeonhong Kim, Tae Rim Kim, Hanbom Jang, and 김 서연


ZIPP is designed to protect the privacy of the user. Others are also protected from the possible noise. It affords good manners to many including yourself, others, and all of us. The super directivity technology helps protect a user’s hearing by proving a comfort zone, as well as, canceling other noises. Zipp reduces noise toward other people. The eco-friendly materials used on the Zipp are a good start as we move to save the planet from future destruction.

ZIPP Concept Design

The Zipp looks like an uneven, hard pouch bag. It has a zipper-like feature on the edge that we’re assuming is where the sound direction or volume can be controlled. Both sides have speaker fabric in different colors: orange, yellow, green, or blue. There is a power button on the side and a cable port on the other. It can be assumed it will feature USB-C already.

The idea of Supercardioid audio isn’t really popular but there is such a thing. Some people may have heard about supercardioid microphone but the technology can be applied in speakers. The design alone of this product is one-of-a-kind but what makes it more special are the features.

The concept speaker by several Korean designers has potential. We can only hope this design gets picked up. If not exactly the same, then maybe just the idea of a personal and private speaker will be implemented. Or even if not the exact technology, just the product design can be used.

We’ve been seeing a lot of interesting speaker concepts lately. The most recent ones that made an impression were the TURNING AI Speaker, that Small Transparent Speaker, the Rum Project, and the BRIONVEGA TOTEM RR231 Stereo System. The ZIPP is different in many ways but it commands the same attention for its uniqueness and innovation. The aesthetics of the speaker alone tells us the ZIPP can be really a speaker. We like the idea but we’ll have to wait for the actual product to see if the design will work.

ZIPP My Lip Design

ZIPP Details

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