This intimidating drag racer is ready for high stake sprint races in your alley

This intimidating drag racer is ready for high stake sprint races in your alley

Hookie’s Silver Ant will be a wild ride zooming past the straights in killer style. After all, it’s set to come out in full fury at the upcoming sprint racing extravaganza. Interestingly, Hookie is offering pricing and more information about the bike upon request.

The annual Glemseck 101 sprint race and festival, seeing some of the most passionate custom builders on the planet show off their skills, is making a comeback in 2022. After the lull of the pandemic forced event cancellation in the last couple of years, the action is going to return to Leonberg, Germany. To add more excitement, there will be an all-electric class added to the event when it finally kicks off in five months’ time.

Designer: Hookie
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Hookie has been prepping its electric racer for the Glemseck 101 in September, and they are not feeling shy to give automotive fans a very early reveal of what they are going to witness. Christened the Silver ANT, this pure café racer is based on the CAKE’s Ösa+ model. For those familiar with the Hookie’s offerings, the bike adapts a unique character with the Ant bolt-on kit. There’s a deleted seat and additional aluminum cover cloaking the benefactor bike’s frame.

The German tuning specialist has managed to lend a very obvious aggressive stance to the CAKE Ösa+ which is built for urban commutes and hauling cargo. The drag racing theme is spilled onto the rearrangement of the dash which now sits on top of the body kit behind the handlebars. Those clip-ons are mounted very low up front topped with the in-house translucent Frozen grips. Headlights and taillights have also been revamped with LED grid assembly, and they both are controlled by an Arduino controller.

It’s not all about the cosmetic changes as the Silver ANT needs to show it’s a monster when it comes to a straight-line sprint. To this end, Hookie has taken out the control software to almost double the power delivery with almost a top speed of 100mph. The acceleration curve has also been toggled and now the bike only needs one brake that’s at the front. There’s a very RC motorcycle-like antenna at the rear but it has a purpose. Hookie is working on a system that can remotely access the engine and battery.

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