Pet bed is a mattress, holder, and car seat in one for your fur babies

Pet bed is a mattress, holder, and car seat in one for your fur babies

Most fur parents that I know love getting all kinds of stuff for their doggies and kitties. It seems like the smaller the pet, the cuter the stuff that is available. Not that there aren’t cute things for regular-sized animals. But the ones created for tiny fur babies are especially eye-catching and adorable. So if you want your pet to look like a very lively burrito and at the same time have help to carry them around, here’s hoping this new product design will actually get made.

Designer: Hangzhou Kesheng Textiles

This design for a pet bed actually has several functions to fit your pet’s sleeping and traveling needs. It comes with a three-stage folding design and how you fold it or not fold it will determine how your small or medium-sized pet can use the “pet sanctuary”. They can use it as a mattress when it’s spread out fully. Fold one part and it becomes a “sofa” for the dog or cat. Put them inside the folded part and suddenly it has become a sleeping bag for them.

You can also enfold them into the whole pet bed and that’s when they look like a really cute pet burrito. It comes with hand straps so you can carry them around in it, provided they’re not able to jump out of their cage, I mean, sanctuary. If you’re bringing them on a road trip with you, you can turn it into a car safety seat for your pet by attaching the folded bed (with the pet inside) to the car seat directly. This way they’ll be safer and more comfortable when riding in your car.

The bed itself has a striped design to give it a slightly textured surface that makes it more comfortable for your fur baby. It’s made of soft recycled cotton so not only is it eco-friendly but it’s also soft enough that they’d want to lie in it all day long. The straps that you’ll need to attach it to the car is in a pouch attached to the bed in the shape of a bone. Hopefully they will not think it’s a chew toy and eat the “bone” itself.

I will probably never get a pet but I have a lot of friends who have various cats and dogs. So this seems to be a perfect gift for them for special occasions if it ever gets made eventually. Plus there will most likely be a lot of cute fur baby pictures using this which is something I enjoy looking at.

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