IRIS Hybrid Speaker offers interactive artificial intelligence and illumination

IRIS Hybrid Speaker offers interactive artificial intelligence and illumination

IRIS Hybrid Speaker Product Design

Most Italian designers definitely know how to combine form and function. Italians often come up with aesthetically pleasing products that are compatible with the environment and the IRIS Hybrid Speaker is no different.

For the home, we desire new items that are not only powerful but also pleasing to the eyes. Perhaps the easiest to shop for is the entertainment system. We have seen several audio devices already, but we’ll never get tired of checking what’s out there. There are a lot of concept designs available, and we’re hoping some of them will get into production.

Designers: Alessandro Pennese and Alessandro Brintazzoli


IRIS Hybrid Speaker Concept Design

The IRIS Hybrid Speaker could be the next music device you’d be displaying and using at your home. It fits most interiors that are minimalist yet high-tech. It is designed as an intelligent speaker, ready to offer voice assistance so you can control your other smart home devices or simply make quick conversations.

The IRIS Hybrid Speaker will remind you of donuts because of their shape. There appears to be a paper clip-like handle on the back. The handle allows you to place the speaker almost anywhere.

IRIS Hybrid Speaker Information

The speaker portion easily slides on the handle. That’s made possible because of the tracks that allow easier grip and slide. The donut speaker is covered by fabric while a metal bezel surrounds it. The bezel also functions as volume control for the speaker.

The unique design of the IRIS Hybrid Speaker will make you want to display it. You don’t have to hide or keep it less noticeable. Instead, you should celebrate and show it off because of the outstanding design that allows it to become an essential part of the home.

IRIS Hybrid SpeakerIRIS Hybrid Speaker Details

An audio device can be part of the living room or any room without overwhelming. The IRIS speaker makes it easier for anyone to decorate the home. It is expected to come with functions that will adequately help in-home space management. It can also be a light source as it functions as a lamp to add to mood lighting and create a more cozy atmosphere.

IRIS Hybrid Speaker Concept

The IRIS Speaker is imagined to come with interactive artificial intelligence. It’s more like smart furniture that offers different functions. It’s a fun iteration of a smart speaker technology that provides lighting and works as home decor. The speaker’s back shell is matte plastic, while the front is fabric. The rear shell doesn’t scratch as it can smoothly slide along the tracks. This is to mainly control the LED light’s brilliance and

IRIS Hybrid Speaker Features

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