Charles Birshaw Modular Mule can be transformed into a clog

Charles Birshaw Modular Mule can be transformed into a clog

Charles Birshaw Modular Mules

Charles Birshaw is a new name in the industrial design world that we feel needs more attention. His latest footwear design has made us look more than twice because of the interesting style.

Charles Birshaw has teamed up with several designers, brands, artists, and engineers in recent years. With his collaborations, we have witnessed his vision for a brighter tomorrow. He has been exploring boundaries of design that we see further in this new pair of Modular Mule.

Designer: Charles Birshaw

Charles Birk Modular Mules

The Modular Mule is another limited footwear drop from the designer. The 3D-printed slip-on features a unique design and it appears as having a series of small, tiny ridges. They also look like small stairs going round the whole upper.

The thick midsole gives the pair a chunky look. A CHARLES BIRK spellout can be found on both sides near the heel for branding. The slip-on appears easy to wear, thanks to the rust-colored sling on the rear that can be used to pull the shoe.

Charles Birshaw Mules Mugg

Charles Birshaw Modular Mules Shoes

Charles Birshaw’s Modular Mules are available in Light or Black colorway. The minimalist design makes it stand out in a crowd where everything is suddenly loud and flashy. In addition, the chunky midsole gives it a bit of a more modern look, something that may remind us of some pairs from Balenciaga.

The Charles Birshaw Shoes are available in different variations. There is a mule version, while a clog version is also available. The pair is 2-in-1 because you only need to remove or attach the insert to transform the clog into a mule and vice versa.

Charles Birshaw Modular Mule Details

There is another variation with only a smooth material—no design on the upper and the rest of the shoe. The Muggs mule is a clean version, but the Modular Mule caught our attention more with its dizzying lines.

Charles Birshaw knows industrial design, and we love what he’s been showing the design world. His stuff may not be as popular as Nike or Adidas, but the latest pair design has the potential to be more than just eye candy. The minimalist aesthetic makes the shoes not easy to ignore.

Charles Birshaw Modular Mules Industrial Design

You need to sign-up on Charles Birshaw’s website if you’re interested in getting a pair. The shoes are available in sizes UK 5 to UK 11. No mention, though, when the shoes will be ready for shipping. Join the waiting list to find out and receive information. Check out Charles Birshaw’s other footwear designs and be inspired. You’d wish his designs would become more widely available.

Charles Birshaw Modular Mules Footwear

Charles Birshaw Modular Mules Footwear Design

Charles Birshaw Modular Mule Design

Charles Birshaw Muggs Mule

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