Canairi Fresh Air Monitor drops if air quality turns bad, pops back up once better

Canairi Fresh Air Monitor drops if air quality turns bad, pops back up once better

Air purifiers have already become necessary in every household, classroom, store, or office. Even without the threat of the coronavirus, people have started using air purifiers, especially in polluted areas.

It may be challenging to look for the best purifiers, especially for the home, because most of them look boring. Good thing many brands and designers are coming up with exciting designs like the Medium Air Purifier-Freshener, the Bauhaus Air Purifier Concept, and the Blur Air Purifier. The latest that caught our attention isn’t precisely an air purifier, but it is a helpful tool that can tell you what to do with toxic gases or when the air is terrible.

Designer: Hans Høite Augustenborg


Canairi Fresh Air Monitor 3

The Canairi Fresh Air Monitor will tell you two things: good air or bad air quality. When air quality is good, the canary bird will remain standing. When the air quality detected becomes bad, the canary bird will fall. The idea comes from the old belief that canary bids were used in coal mines to detect danger, mainly, carbon monoxide. Therefore, if a bird faints, there are toxic gases, and they should already get out of the mine. It’s the same principle behind the Canary Smart Speaker that we recently showed you.

Canairi Fresh Air Monitor 2

Canairi Fresh Air Monitor 1

The Canairi Fresh Air Monitor comes with a built-in CO2 sensor. It’s mainly a sensor for the presence of carbon dioxide in the air. If the bird drops, it means the air quality is bad, and you need to open the windows. The bird will be back to life once the air quality is better. The yellow bird will tell you when it’s time to do something and ventilate the home.

Canairi Fresh Air Monitor 1

The Canairi has a CO2-sensor that activates a motor to make the bird go down. It drops when the CO2 goes over 1000 ppm for more than ten minutes. When it’s below the said level, the Canairi will go back up. The designer described the Canairi as “a democratic design language that makes it simple for children to understand but also invites the minimalist adult to play along.”

Canairi Fresh Air Monitor Demo

The device wants to let you know if the air is clean for your own good. It’s also environment-friendly as it is constructed from recycled plastic materials. It has a wall mount and comes with a rechargeable battery. The Canairi’s design is straightforward, and it works even sans any digital display, compatible app, sound, or light. So if you don’t want the pretty yellow bird to die, make sure there is proper ventilation in the room, and the air is clean. Perhaps you should get that air purifier you’ve been wanting to buy–it’s about time.

Canairi Fresh Air Monitor Features

Canairi Fresh Air Monitor Design

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