BAMO Chair Concept Design is best for mommies and babies who need privacy

BAMO Chair Concept Design is best for mommies and babies who need privacy

BAMO Chair Concept Design

The old adage “Mother knows best” still rings true today as modern mothers show the world what’s best for their babies and themselves. And what’s best is a functional chair that adapts to the needs of both moms and babies.

The BAMO Chair is a unique chair design that offers a solution to the common dilemma of mothers looking for areas to breastfeed. In many countries, it’s not easy for mothers to look for isolated areas. But, unfortunately, there aren’t many provisions because establishments tend to forget about them.

Designer: Stamati Valeria-Maria

BAMO Chair Concept Designer

The name alone perfectly describes what the chair is all about. It’s for the Baby and the Mother (BA + MO). The concept chair design delivers privacy and comfort to moms and babies. The chair becomes an area where a woman and her child can rest. It is for the breastfeeding mother or simply just about any woman with a young child who wants to isolate herself from the crowd, especially outdoors.

Breastfeeding isn’t an embarrassing thing as it is natural. It’s beautiful, but not all mothers are comfortable. They may be okay with it but people around them may not be. So a personal and private space for moms should be ready as a solution.

BAMO Chair Concept Design Concept

BAMO is a special seat in a spherical shape. The mom and child are protected from other people. The material is wood for added warmth and a homey feeling. It can be cozy inside, whether it’s warm or cold outside. The chair is climate-resistant, so it is okay to be placed outdoors.

The seat itself is made of eco-leather in a smooth finish. In front of the seat is a stand where the mommy can place her stuff. The chair system can be used in parks and establishments and other places like airports, malls, and even bus and train stations.

BAMO Chair Concept Design Details

Mommies don’t have to worry about having a safe and private space wherever they go with the BAMO. It’s an ideal solution to a common problem breastfeeding mothers face every day. The design is innovative that it was recognized in the INDUSTART AWARD 2018.

BAMO Chair Concept Design Valeria Mahu

Designer Stamati Valeria-Maria was just a student when she designed this. She has created a solution to mommy problems that happen in most countries. And since babies can get hungry anywhere, it is ideal that a BAMO Chair is available in most places. It should be as common as a park bench, especially in public spaces.

BAMO Chair Concept Design Award

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