This stackable desk organizer lets you build a tower for your tools and trinkets

This stackable desk organizer lets you build a tower for your tools and trinkets

There never seems to be enough space on your desk, so this concept makes use of the underutilized space above it instead.

Desk organizers are a dime a dozen, but they themselves can actually be a source of headaches when they take over your workspace. No one can perfectly predict how much stuff we’ll accumulate over the years, and traditional organizers aren’t designed to grow with you and your clutter. You can buy more of them, in different designs even, but there’s a limit to how much room you have on the table. In contrast, Cyl uses the age-old stacking trick to free up horizontal space by utilizing often unused vertical space.

Designer: Marc Godayol i Hasse

Stackable containers are nothing new, of course, but they almost always have one kind of limitation or another. Some boxes can stack way up, but you’ll have to remove the ones on top first before you can get the items stored in lower tiers. Others are also fixed in their size, offering only short bins for things like paper clips, pads of paper, keys, and other small objects.

This desk organizer concept doesn’t discriminate or put limits on what you can put inside. More importantly, you can easily see what’s inside and quickly get them without having to unstack the ones above. In theory, you can stack the containers as high as you can, presuming gravity doesn’t cause them to topple over.

The organizers come in different sizes, with the tallest having enough room for pens and markers. The topmost container can be a short dish for keys and coins, or it can just be a wooden cover to quickly place objects you need to just as quickly access later. There are no rules on which can go on top of which, and you can have as many combinations or as many containers as you need or like. Gravity and your own height will be the only limits.

Cyl is designed to be made from metal, painted in different colors to make them look visually attractive. They also stack on top of each other, almost like LEGO blocks, except they’re cylindrical rather than blocky. Circles might not be the most space-efficient compared to squares or rectangles, but they are more interesting and more pleasing to the eyes, giving your subconscious brain one less source of stress.

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