This badass Vyrus bike custom kit turns the eye candy ride a predatory monster

This badass Vyrus bike custom kit turns the eye candy ride a predatory monster

Vyrus, the exclusive Italian motorcycle manufacturer having its roots in Coriano, Italy is an avant-garde when it comes to innovative bike designs. For more than thirty years the Italian craftsmanship has shaped the niche for the brand known to dress up the Ducati powertrain into machines that set any night-time highway on fire. The high-performance motorcycle outfit has a knack for creating extremely sharp two-wheelers that appeal to young riders.

If the sexy-looking Vyrus bikes like 984 2V, 985 4V, and 987 4V needed an even more of a god-like appearance, something outstanding needs to be done. That’s where the VTOPIA Design steps in, and turns the hot beast into an irresistible set of wheels rearing to set the tarmac alive. The AG-SYS kit teleports the Vyrus’ hot seller bikes into a predator-like machine that no one will miss taking notice of even in the dark of the hour.

The custom kit brings the full carbon fiber bodywork for the Vyrus bikes with an ultra-aggressive geometric style. Everything right from the angular handlebars, license plate holder, mudguard and monocoque to the single-piece front fairing, belly pan, and airbox get the carbon fiber treatment. Just have a look at that suspension tail section, custom intakes, or the matching belly pan – the kit seems to do the unthinkable here.

To maintain the polygonal bodywork design, the bike gets the bespoke CNC-machined front and rear frame. The custom seat on top of the 3D laser-printed nylon-carbon fiber subframe, and pure titanium exhaust system designed by VTOPIA and materialized by SPARK Exhaust take the custom design to unprecedented realms. The aluminum fuel cell has been moved a bit, the dash is redesigned, the Motogadget Motoscope Pro instrumentation unit added and a custom battery box included. Man… what more can you ask for!

The flamboyant AG-SYS Kit is going to be only available in limited numbers and will be available in two different options – woven or forged carbon fiber make. For a starting price tag of approximately $22,300, the kit is the right supplement for the popular Vyrus models.

Designer: VTOPIA Design for Vyrus

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