Maison&Objet 2022 Spotlight: Here’s what you can expect at this year’s event held during Paris Design Week

Maison&Objet 2022 Spotlight: Here’s what you can expect at this year’s event held during Paris Design Week

After a measured return to normalcy last year in September, this year’s first Maison&Objet is looking to make an in-person comeback this March 2022. This year’s event, originally slated for January, was pushed forward to March due to the rising Omicron variant sweeping through the world. The event, now slated to be held between March 24th-28th 2022, will explore the theme of ‘New Luxury’, looking at both ‘Uber Luxury’ or the more traditional opulent luxury, as well as a new emerging ‘Lux Populis’, used to describe a luxury that draws inspiration from “the world of street culture, driven by a generation raised on a diet of reality TV, Instagram, TikTok, and gaming.”

The 2022 Maison&Objet is described as ‘Business as Usual’, with over 3000 brands attending the March event, spread across 14 sectors/universes, with as many as 20+ conferences covering the 4-day trade fair. The fair will be held at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition center and is open to anyone who wants to attend. Described as the epicenter of design, Maison&Objet, held twice every year, becomes the hotspot for anyone and everyone in the decoration & design world, allowing brands and retailers to showcase their latest work, consumers and media to see what the upcoming trends are, but most importantly, the event acts as a buzzworthy networking ground, allowing people to intermingle, interact, and innovate. Yanko Design will be on the ground at this year’s Maison&Objet March event, giving the readers a glimpse of what the world’s biggest decor and design trade fair has to offer! However, for a sneak peek at some of the designs on our ‘must-watch’ list, just scroll below!

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Transparent Speaker by Transparent

Modern consumer electronics have gotten so incredibly complex in the past few years, you could look at your smart speaker and absolutely not know how to fix it… or what’s even inside it, for that matter. The Transparent Speaker hopes to ditch that approach with a design that quite literally provides clarity! The speaker’s transparent frame lets you know exactly what’s inside the audio device, and moreover, its transparency extends to the product’s build too – which means it can be infinitely repaired and upgraded for life.

Nest by Orbitkey

The Orbitkey Nest reinterprets the stationery box by acting as a storage container for not pencils and erasers, but for your EDC. Designed to complement your tech-filled life, the Nest is perfect for storing your chargers, cables, AirPods, hard-disks, SD cards, pen-drives, etc. It helps keep your workplace organized not just by containing your tech accessories, but also by allowing you to dock/rest your belongings on it. The Nest’s upper surface comes with a slight indentation, perfect for resting your wallet, keys, or watch, while a dedicated zone even acts as a wireless charger for your phone.

Nanoblock by Nanoblock

Designed to be the smaller sibling to the popular brick-based construction toy (you know which one I’m talking about!), the Nanoblock is a 5mm plastic building block that lets you create tiny structures and sculptures piece by piece by layering blocks above one another. The blocks come in a stunning variety of colors, and the fact that they’re just 5mm in height makes the structures vividly more detailed, unlike the LEGO structures which have a ‘pixelated’ effect because the bricks are so big.

MoriMori LED Lantern Speaker by Keen Hsu

The MoriMori LED Lantern Speaker projects the aesthetic charm and classic appeal of a mid-19th-century kerosene lamp, smartly updated with energy-efficient LEDs and a compact Bluetooth speaker. It generates continuous ambient light and crisp 360° sound, creating a harmonious atmosphere in any space. Oh, and just like the original Hurricane lamp that inspired its design, you can easily adjust the brightness with a simple turn of the knob!

Lovebox Color & Photo by Xavier Houy

The Lovebox is a connected, messaging device that pairs with an app to go beyond regular communication and deliver special expressions of affection. Think of it as a physical symbol of your digital memories and intrinsic emotions.

Original Storm Umbrella by Senz°

The Original Storm Umbrella is absolutely gust-resistant! No matter how strong the wind, the umbrella’s unique design won’t ever flip over. Moreover, its aerodynamic shape was calibrated to easily cut through the air with minimal drag too, which means you can hold the umbrella comfortably with one hand in a storm! Oh, and when you’re indoors, the umbrella folds into a compact portable avatar, just like your regular umbrella.

Acoustic Speaker by Kreafunk

With a wonderfully contemporary Danish design, Kreafunk’s speakers look as beautiful as they sound. The way they’re designed makes them blend beautifully into home interiors, with their use of metal, plastic, fabric, and occasionally leather, all combined together to make something that rivals even the best smart speakers. Shown above is the aCOUSTIC, a pretty slick-looking wireless speaker that pumps out a good 30 hours of music on a full charge. It comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry around the house, sports an IP55 dust and water repellent design which means you can carry it outdoors too, and here’s the best part – it supports wireless charging, so you can easily place the speaker on a charging pad when the battery runs low!

Dentelles Lamp And Speaker by Paulien & Kaat

Dentelles refers to the paper doilies used by Lieven and Jenny Vanhalst in the Pastry Shop in the ’70s. If you pile up several doilies, you get the shape of this collection. Another Lamp/Speaker in the collection, this one boasts of a retro aesthetic too (are we sensing a design trend?), although its interpretation is less literal. The lamp has the appeal of something you’d see from Gantri, and comes with a speaker located in its brass base. Both the lamp and the speaker are wireless and therefore easy to move. Moreover, the lamp can simply be dimmed by tapping. The module is 100% recyclable and non-breakable.

Click Here to Buy Tickets Now: $77.11 (€70)

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