Forest Scent Diffuser brings the scent of nature inside the house

Forest Scent Diffuser brings the scent of nature inside the house

Forest Diffuser Details

Two years into this pandemic, many people still feel restricted about staying at home. Of course, who wants to stay inside one place for months? And since the global situation isn’t ending anytime soon, we might as well continue looking for ways to make our lives easier, more interesting, and maybe even smelling good.

A number of products and systems have been introduced to address the kind of boredom the pandemic has stoked. But, for those who love outdoor adventures and if you’re feeling lonely and locked up, you need to do everything in your power to ensure you’re not going insane.

Designer: Hanyoung Lee

Forest Concept

Take charge of your physical and mental health by using stuff that will help you relive positive experiences. That’s what Forest wants to bring you—the kind of warmth nature offers. Unfortunately, on-site and face-to-face events are still limited, so why bring nature to your home. You can do that with the Forrest scent diffuser.

Fill the room with your favorite nature scent. Perhaps it will be the forest or the sea someday, depending on your preference. You can turn the scent diffuser all day to smell the scent of nature. It’s really just another tool for you and me to experience the outside world, even if unnatural and for a short time.

Concept Forest Diffuser Design

Using a scent diffuser will make your home smell fresh. The same way the aroma of coffee makes you feel energized and less stressed, nature’s scent will also inspire you. The Forest will generate scent using coffee scraps and tea bags. There’s some science going on, and the result is the warmth of nature filling the surroundings.

The designer’s thought process began with the idea of a mailbox since it is used to deliver mail. As the mailbox becomes instrumental in communication, the Forest can also provide relaxation to the users indoors. This is also an eco-friendly project since you only need tea bags or coffee scraps. You put them inside the fragrance bin, and it will generate the scent you want to smell.

Forest Diffuser Design Concept

The Forest can be installed anywhere inside the home. Place it by the window, near your workstation, or maybe in the kitchen or the bathroom. It is easy to install, thanks to the wall brackets available.

The Forest Scent Diffuser is made from fabric and metal. The latter offers a more luxurious look and feel while fabric material adds softness to the device. It looks like another wireless speaker, but it doesn’t play any audio. Instead, it just gives off the scent of nature that may help reduce stress and fatigue. With the smell, you can also improve concentration and focus on work.

Forest Diffuser Photos

Forest Diffuser Photos

Concept Forest Diffuser

Forest Diffuser Design Concept

Forest Diffuser Design Concept Details

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