Camera Bug is a small but smart solution to a big but common camera problem

Camera Bug is a small but smart solution to a big but common camera problem

Sometimes, the best solutions are the simplest ones, like an ingenious grip that makes you wonder why no one thought about it until now.

Smartphones have become the go-to solution for many shutterbugs when it comes to capturing memories at a moment’s notice. It’s not exactly because they surpass dedicated cameras, but mostly because it’s almost always with you and convenient to use compared to a bulky DSLR, for example. More dedicated photographers, however, will almost always have their cameras at hand, and this simple yet beautiful grip will make it more convenient to catch the camera bug as well.

Designer: Kevin Champion

There are definitely many ways to carry a big camera, but the most common one happens to also be the least convenient. A neck strap doesn’t exactly lend itself to quickly snapping a photo and then quickly moving on to the next target. Even a wrist strap isn’t as ergonomic, straining your wrists while keeping your fingers away from their most convenient positions.

The Camera Bug, in contrast, is designed so that your hand and finger are always where they should be, right over the grip and on top of the buttons. Even when simply holding the camera off to the side in your hand, the camera doesn’t dangle precariously or swing from side to side. Whether you’re resting your camera hand or already in the zone, the grip is designed to feel natural and look natural as well.

Despite the simple design, the Camera Bug is actually made of three parts, each carefully designed and engineered with meticulous attention to detail. The finger pad uses premium Italian vegetable tanned leather that gives the grip a visual personality that will be unique to each owner. Leather ages beautifully and in almost random ways, and it will also mold itself over time to the unique shape of your fingers.

Flanking the finger pad is the US-made Paracord 550 that ties it all together and a new LockBall that was specifically engineered to provide confidence in securing the whole ensemble. It might look like a trivial product that you may have seen in similar accessories like smartphone rings, but it is the mark of good product design when the theory blends invisibly with a good user experience and a beautiful appearance.

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