Video Classes Are the Key to Expanding Your Audience + Creating Financial Freedom – and Squarespace Makes It Easier Than Ever

Video Classes Are the Key to Expanding Your Audience + Creating Financial Freedom – and Squarespace Makes It Easier Than Ever

Video Classes Are the Key to Expanding Your Audience + Creating Financial Freedom – and Squarespace Makes It Easier Than Ever

Entrepreneurs, designers, artists, content creators – and anyone else looking to increase their online influence and revenue – have been talking about video content. For many businesses, sharing their skills and their knowledge online has proven to be a durable and exciting way to diversify their income and build their community. Now, Squarespace is making it easier than ever to sell video content, like courses and classes, online. Whatever your focus – from floristry to farming, chair design to crewel embroidery – you can take advantage of this lucrative and here-to-stay trend, with an assist from Squarespace.

Online classes are hot right now for a variety of reasons – including the fact that during the past few years, it’s often been difficult to gather in person. Out-of-the-box thinking meant that pastry chefs could offer mini-workshops on making éclairs if their restaurants were shut, and teachers of all stripes could share their knowledge when schools were closed or practicing remote learning. Technology has evolved to accommodate these new offerings online, with the limitless audience that comes along with them. Now, everyone has the opportunity to share what they know, in classes of their own making, to anyone, anywhere. It’s a revolution, and it’s happening right now.

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Squarespace has helped its users create Members Areas for several years now, which allows them to create content specifically for members of their community who’ll pay for that access. Think special newsletters, podcasts, blog posts, and other sorts of in-demand content. Now, Squarespace users can include video content within those Members Area offerings – video classes, trainings, workshops, and just about anything else you can dream up. Create content to suit your interests and personal bandwidth. Using Squarespace’s tools, you could create a video training session that provides passive income to you continuously. You can choose whether your content is geared to be experienced one-on-one or by thousands of people (or more), together.

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Squarespace has designed these tools to grow with your brand. All Squarespace customers can upload 30 minutes of high-resolution video content for no additional fee. When you’re ready to build your income streams (and your influence), you’ll have access to sophisticated yet easy-to-use tools that make selling your content a snap. You’ll be able to create a member area that easily incorporates your existing brand design, colors, and styling. You’ll have total control over how much you charge – and how you charge. Depending on your needs and the nature of your content, you’ll also have the option to charge the members of your community a one-time fee for access, or a recurring fee to view your videos over time. You have all the power to create exactly the sort of experience that will most benefit you and your fans.

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Squarespace makes all the technical, back-end aspects of sharing video content ultra-simple. You can now share hosted video content, making integration of that content into your site super straightforward. If you prefer to use YouTube or Vimeo – or, for example, already have a large library of content on one of those platforms – Squarespace makes it easy to add those into your mix, as well. One big advantage to hosting your content directly on Squarespace: Those videos will be accessed via Squarespace’s native video player, a beautifully designed tool that will show off your work with simple-to-use controls (for speed and resolution) and deep integration into the Squarespace universe. In other words, sharing that video will be easy.

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For many of us, online video content like classes are the future, and an incredible new income stream that makes earning passive income easier than ever before. Nothing speaks to your community as clearly as video, and no tool offers a better way to share your knowledge and build your audience. Share what you love most – and create financial freedom while doing it – with Squarespace’s powerful new video tools.

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