This household greeting service uses AI to register resident’s arrival and welcome them

This household greeting service uses AI to register resident’s arrival and welcome them

Dearbell is a smart household welcome service and lighting fixture that employs Artificial Intelligence to register the arrival of each resident and deliver corresponding messages.

It’s been said that with the arrival of each new generation, the more disconnected we become from one another, tightening our grip on our smartphones. It’s no secret that the more technologically advanced we become as a society, the more comfortable we become withdrawing from IRL socialization to prioritize our online lives.

Designers: Juan Lee, Hyebin Lee, Banhu Jeong, and Daeun Yoo

Responding to this generational gap, designers look once more to technology for a solution. Dearbell, a smart household welcome service, is one of the more recent solution-based concepts from a team of designers based in Korea.

Following a research period of interviews and surveys, the design team found that most family members living under one roof feel disconnected from one another. Due to long work hours and technology overload, communication at home is sometimes perceived as “nagging.” In an effort to connect family members together through communication, Dearbell is conceptualized as a customizable, home greeting service for family members to get to know one another better.

Dearbell takes on the look of a light pendant that can either hang from your ceiling or be mounted to your wall. Projecting from the light fixture, holographic messages are created and delivered by family members to other family members. Depending on artificial intelligence for operation, visual haptic sensors register each household resident’s gestures, shoes, and smartphone to ensure accurate message delivery.

The team of designers goes on to explain, “Dearbell projector is motivated from ‘welcoming bell’. Technically, it supports automotive focusing in multi-layers and AI projection mapping that shows the image on a certain object and recognizes gesture interaction.”

Walking through the home’s front door, residents take off their shoes and Dearbell alerts each individual family member of the total number of steps taken during the day as well as any messages left to be read. As the unread message is beamed from the light pendant, the message can be opened by its designated receiver once they put their hand over the message icon.

Once the message is read, the receiver can choose to leave a response in the form of emojis by shaking their fists, a Dearbell-detected hand gesture. In addition to curated messages, residents can ask Dearbell for some daily information as they prepare to leave the home, including, weather, public transportation, as well as a pre-made to-do list.

As residents arrive home, Dearbell projects their corresponding messages via light beam.

Wooden elements ground the stainless steel body with a touch of warmth and rustic charm.

Once home, Dearbell alerts residents of the steps taken throughout the day.

“Through the Wood detail finishing at the bottom, it visually reveals the warm communication with the family, not the technical image.”

“Dearbell consists of soft shapes and textures that are not solid form, luxurious arch-shaped metal frame.”

Dearbell can either be mounted to a vertical service or suspended from the ceiling. 

Following a period of interviews and surveys, the team of designers recognized the generational gaps present in most households. 

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