Blur Air Purifier concept will let you see and feel when dirt and dust have already stacked up

Blur Air Purifier concept will let you see and feel when dirt and dust have already stacked up

Blur Air Purifier

Air purifier sales have definitely picked up the past couple of years. The pandemic has made people more conscious of hygiene, cleanliness, and organization. If you’re part of the group still not into the hype, it’s probably time to start now.

We’re not telling you to put air purifiers in every corner of your house. That is a great idea but know that not all purifiers are created equal. There are cheap ones that claim to clean the air. The mid-rangers do fine but they don’t really tell you how dirty the air is or their filter needs frequent changing. In contrast, there are more expensive ones that can detect air condition and do the work accordingly.

Designer: Jaejeong Ro

Concept Universal Air Purifier

Blur Air Purifier Tech

Blur is a Universal Air purifier that can tell you the condition of the surrounding air. It offers information visually. It also gives such information with a simple touch. With the translucent glass, you can see the accumulated dust. The concept is also designed with “touch”. With a sense of distance, one can identify the tactile phenomenon of dust.

Blur Universal Air Purifier Concept

Cleaner air should be the goal of everyone but we know it’s not an easy feat. Air pollution in some parts of the world is getting worse but there is already a move to go greener, cleaner, and smarter. With this Blur Air Purifier, current air condition can be provided on a scale of 1 to 100. The number will show up on the top display with LED lights. The up and down movement of the glass panel allows a sense of distance.


To turn on the air purifier, you need to press the glass panel. The purifier air goes out of the gap. The display can tell you the status of the filter. It means it’s very dirty when it’s translucent. You can also check dust accumulation by simply feeling and touching the space on the side. Dust stacks up so you will feel and know that there’s too much dust that gathered already.

Blur Air Purifier

The Korean concept designer used a simple shape for the Blur Air Purifier. You would think this is another smart speaker. It will remind you of the first-gen Google Home speaker. It doesn’t have any speaker function so don’t expect it to tell you to clean your surrounding.

Universal Air Purifier

The design of the air purifier fits most room aesthetics. But then we’re certain will mistake this for an audio device as it really looks like a smart speaker more than an air purifier. The holes you see are not speaker grills–they are where dirty air is sucked in so don’t attempt to put your face near lest you want to breathe in the polluted air.

Concept Blur Universal Air Purifier

New Air Purifier Technology

Air Purifier Concept Design

Air Purifier Concept

Blur Sketches

Blur Air Purifier Design

Blur Air Purifier

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