Bang and Olufsen might want to make this modular speaker concept a reality

Bang and Olufsen might want to make this modular speaker concept a reality

Bang & Olufsen Orchestra Concept

Going to a theater to watch and listen to live orchestra music is something many people around the world miss. The social distancing mandate is making us feel limited but it has to be done, unfortunately.

For music lovers, they need to find ways how to experience live music once again. It can be a challenge to achieve but setting up an audio experience at home that is immersive may be close to the real thing. Buying any speaker system that is popular in the market won’t always cut it. You need to find the perfect device and for some people, even software.

Designer: Daniel Valentine

1There is also a science behind room acoustics so it can be a challenge to accomplish if you’re doing things on your own. You may need advice from professional sound engineers if you’re interested but you can also begin by going for high-end brands that deliver products that can exceed expectations.

Bang & Olufsen is a brand known for such a premium level of quality. Every product line released is expensive and yet people won’t stop asking why. Of course, there are numerous reasons. Apart from the high cost of production and materials, the company really takes into consideration several esthetic elements.

The Bang & Olufsen Orchestra designed by industrial design engineer Daniel Valentine is only an idea but the Danish premium audio company may consider bringing this design to production. The modular speaker concept aims to offer any audiophile or even ordinary user the best personal soundscape money can buy.

Bang & Olufsen Inspired Orchestra Renders

B&O Orchestra has been designed to spread audio around the whole room. A surround-sound system is probably the easiest term to use but we prefer to say orchestra-like. The idea is for several speaker parts to be dispersed around a room.

A user can be surrounded by premium audio—like a real orchestra. You will hear music from different directions as natural audio in the real world. The B&O Orchestra gives you a chance to be a composer by deciding where to place the speakers within an environment.

Bang & Olufsen Orchestra Aesthetic

The whole speaker system is comprised of smaller parts that are split and distributed. A room’s music layout can be customized as you place the speakers around. When not listening to your favorite band or artist, you can use the B&O Orchestra speaker system for watching movies. The result will be a movie-theater-like experience with sound moving across the room for a more realistic effect.

Bang & Olufsen Orchestra

The shape of the B&O Orchestra will remind you of the bell part of a trumpet. It’s placed in a standing position with the larger part functioning as the sub-woofer that delivers low-frequency audio. Above it is the mid-range driver and the tweeter for high-frequency sound such as the picollo, violin, or vocals. On top of the system is the mid-range driver for mid-frequency audio like guitar, snare, or trumpet.

Bang & Olufsen Inspired Orchestra

The complete system is called the Assembled Mode. The Segment Mode is when the parts are separated into smaller pieces to be distributed. We don’t see any cables here as it charges wirelessly via the bass unit that should be plugged to work. Definitely, the speaker system will also connect via Bluetooth.

Bang & Olufsen Inspired Orchestra Parts

This Bang & Olufsen concept speaker system comes in a neutral shade for a subtle, minimalist look. It’s very Bang and Olufsen with its simplicity and signature clean style. Audio quality isn’t compromised and actually matches the striking design of the product. Hi-fi reproduction of audio is always a promise of the brand although this isn’t a real product—at least, not yet.

The designer has already worked with Bang & Olufsen before. There is a slight chance the bosses at the premium audio company can see this and consider the idea. It’s actually a solution to let the audiophile take control of the sound space and overall listening experience. It can be interesting to set up as you decide on where to put each speaker unit. Perhaps every movie preview or listening experience will be different depending on the position and volume of each speaker.

Bang & Olufsen Orchestra Function

Bang & Olufsen isn’t always just about the aesthetics but we can really say the design of every product serves a purpose. B&O speakers aren’t only stylish and pleasing to the eyes. They also produce audio and music pleasing to the ears. It’s too bad this is only a concept but we won’t be surprised if something similar enters the market in the near future.

Bang & Olufsen Orchestra Creation

Bang & Olufsen Orchestra Idea

Bang & Olufsen Inspired Orchestra Wireless

Bang & Olufsen Inspired Orchestra Sound

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