Ressence's Type 3BBB is a monochromatic oil-filled watch

Ressence's Type 3BBB is a monochromatic oil-filled watch

Dezeen promotion: watch brand Ressence has launched a new version of its oil-filled mechanical watch, drawing on the design cues of a water-worn pebble and boasting a black rounded case attached to a honeycomb strap.

Ressence's Type 3BBB is a limited edition watch for 2022, and is a continuation of the brand's Type 3B and Type 3BB watches in a monochromatic design.

"The name stands for 'Black, Black, Black' in reference to the reduced colour palette used on the dial, as well as the black DLC-coated Grade 5 titanium case of the watch," said Ressence.

A photograph of the black Ressence watch with honeycomb strap
It has a rounded pebble-shaped design

Following the brand's style, Type 3BBB has a crown-free design that aids the watch's rounded and smooth finish.

Unlike the Type 3 watches that came before it, Ressence avoided using colour in the design and instead employed a grayscale palette, using white and grey across its indicators, dial and markers. At night, the dial changes into a green hue with the SuperLuminova included in the indicators.

The watch has a domed diamond-like carbon-coated titanium case that surrounds the edge-to-edge sapphire crystal face and back.

A photograph of the black Ressence watch with honeycomb strap
Type 3BBB is a watch that was designed by Ressence's founder Benoit Mintiens

Diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) is typically used to provide watches with a hard layer of protection, making them durable and scratch-resistant.

The back of the case has a similar look to its face. The glossy sapphire is also DLC-coated and engraved with Ressence's logo, watch type and serial number.

"For the first time in the Type 3 range, the Type 3BBB features a polished black DLC-coated titanium back, to match the glossy sapphire glass," said the brand.

Similarly to the Type 3B and Type 3BB watches, Ressence used its patented in-house developed technology Ressence's Orbital Convex System (ROCS) that allows the main disc and subdiscs to orbit around each other on the dial.

A photograph of the black Ressence watch with honeycomb strap
It uses a wrist strap custom made for Ressences watches

"The patented ROCS unit is fundamental to the Type 3's creation," said the brand. "Featuring an ever-changing dial with elements that continually orbit around each other, its purpose is a more efficient and intuitive reading of time."

The watch is split in two chambers: the top chamber is oil-filled whereas the bottom chamber is air-filled. The watch's dial mechanism runs inside the oil. This oil-filled mechanism also features in the other Type 3 watches and "eliminates refraction giving the watch a perfect legibility under every angle".

The oil-filled chamber also provides the watch with a water droplet effect that causes the eye to lose perception of the depth of the watch while adding a slight magnified effect.

The bottom air-filled chamber contains a mechanical and self-winding movement system that powers the oil-immersed dials and ROCS display system above.

A photograph of the black Ressence watch with honeycomb strap
The watch has a black rounded case attached to a honeycomb strap

Micro-magnets were fitted within the two chambers that seal and tie the chambers together removing the need for a mechanical link.

"Micro-Magnets transfer the rotation of the movement on the air-side through the titanium membrane-case into the oil-filled chamber with the dial," said Ressence. "This guarantees that no leak will ever occur as the oil side is hermetically sealed from the rest of the watch."

As the upper chamber is hermetically sealed and oil increases in volume depending on its temperature, the watch is fitted with a bellow system that contracts and expands depending on the increase or decrease of the oil's volume.

A temperature gauge on the dial represents the temperature of the oil inside the watch. This also indicates the position of the bellows.

To learn more about Ressence's watches visit its website.

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