ODDICT Twig Pro Branches Out With a Circular Minimalist Design

ODDICT Twig Pro Branches Out With a Circular Minimalist Design

ODDICT Twig Pro Branches Out With a Circular Minimalist Design

Wired earbuds may be trending, but their wireless counterparts aren’t going anywhere, continuing to be the more popular option for anyone desiring an untethered relationship with their audio. One of the standout aesthetic options available today within the ANC+Bluetooth-enabled earbud category comes by way of ODDICT, a Korean brand who’ve taken a minimalist approach to wireless audio with their Twig Pro.

Sheathed in aluminum, the cylindrical charging carrying case alongside its pair of stemmed earbuds are handsomely finished, capturing a luxurious aesthetic and in-hand feel flatteringly reminiscent of Danish brand, Bang & Olufsen. ODDICT’s previous TWIG wireless earbuds earned an iF Gold Award for their minimalist jewelry-like approach to earbuds, and this Pro upgrade doubles down on the less-is-more approach, with most of the improvements hidden within the earbuds and charging case.

Cylindrical aluminum charging case with two earbuds with black tipped earbuds against white background.

Users can expect around 5.5 hours of playback per charge with active noise cancellation on, a half hour more of use with ANC off (note, this is measured at moderate volume playback). Quick charging is also supported, with a 10-minute charge delivering 40 minutes of playback; a full charge requires 1.3 hours, with the case requiring 1.5 hours of USB-C charging good for 1.5x additional.

One visible improvement are the Twig Pro’s superior half in-ear silicone tips design; the previous TWIG offered a one-size-fits-all earbud that didn’t necessarily stay secure across all users. Similar to the tiered approach Apple takes with their AirPods and the AirPods Pro, the differentiation between ODDICT’s Twig model and their Pro counterpart is both technological and attributed to an enhanced and more secure sealed fit.

In the case of the Twig Pro, the pair of 12mm Double Layer Drivers within each earbud have been bolstered by the inclusion of 6 internal microphones working cooperatively with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon sound technology. Those with higher audio standards will appreciate the Twig Pro’s ability to deliver hi-resolution quality audio with up to 24-bit, 96kHz resolution, while everyone will welcome the ability to activate active noise cancellation, one capable of hushing 98% of ambient noise with echo suppression – a very desirable feature for those of us regularly tied to a schedule of Zoom/video conferencing throughout the day.

The ODDICT Twig Pro app allows for a bevy of controls, options, and updates, including EQ controls, battery capacity, and a “find me” option.

The ODDICT Twig Pro is currently available for $149 in aluminum grey (we hope future updates deliver other color options as previously hinted by their iF award).

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